Recent Winners

Alert Price: $0.36
High Price: $1.01
Results: 180% in 40 Days
Alert Price: $1.81
High Price: $4.65
Results: 157% in 36 Days
Alert Price: $15.85
High Price: $30
Results: 91% in 41 Days
Alert Price: $12.72
High Price: $23.75
Results: 87% in 20 Days
Alert Price: $1.47
High Price: $2.32
Results: 58% in 29 Days
Alert Price: $15.10
High Price: $23.40
Results: 55% in 37 Days
Alert Price: $18.24
High Price: $25.09
Results: 38% in 55 Days
Alert Price: $48.25
High Price: $65.90
Results: 36% in 28 Days
Alert Price: $27.22
High Price: $35.88
Results: 32% in 6 Days
Alert Price: $13.40
High Price: $17.04
Results: 27% in 22 Days
Alert Price: $4.43
High Price: $5.45
Results: 23% in 3 Days
Alert Price: $8.30
High Price: $10.25
Results: 23% in 12 Days
Alert Price: $15.40
High Price: $18.67
Results: 21% in 11 Days
Alert Price: $6.89
High Price: $8.25
Results: 20% in 11 Days
Alert Price: $11.24
High Price: $13.46
Results: 20% in 15 Days
Alert Price: $7.97
High Price: $9.30
Results: 16% in 10 Days
Alert Price: $32.03
High Price: $37.09
Results: 16% in 26 Days
Alert Price: $7.17
High Price: $8.24
Results: 15% in 6 Days
Alert Price: $8.49
High Price: $9.55
Results: 12% in 7 Days
Alert Price: $19.50
High Price: $21.93
Results: 12% in 26 Days
Alert Price: $20.00
High Price: $22.42
Results: 12% in 26 Days
Alert Price: $70.82
High Price: $79
Results: 11% in 5 Days
Alert Price: $48.15
High Price: $52.90
Results: 10% in 14 Days
Alert Price: $67.61
High Price: $73.56
Results: 9% in 12 Days

Past results are not indicative of future profits. This table is accurate, though not every trade is represented.


Trading Lessons

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Institutional Trading, Dark Pools, and How To Profit

In this lesson you will learn who the “smart money” is, their trading habits, and how they move millions of shares without anyone noticing. These institutional trades are hidden inside of secret dark pools. You will also learn how amateur traders can profit from dark pool trading.

First, let’s start off with a good description (

Finding Stock Trading Catalysts

Folks, finding a catalyst that can power a stock or an entire sector higher is the key to killer profits. Catalysts are more important than being able to read a chart or a financial statement.

You can be the best technical chartist in the world but still go broke in the stock market. You can (Read More….)

3 Principles of Trading Penny Stocks Safely

A lot of traders lose in the penny stock market because they put on added risk just because they are trading penny stocks. Just because you are trading penny stocks, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the 3 principles of trading. These are time tested principles that will put the odds in your favor.

The (

How To Find the Best Penny Stock Picks

A great website for finding the best penny stock picks is by using the free stock screener on

You can go to the OTCBB screener by clicking here.

Probably the most confusing aspect of this stock screener when you are first learning how to trade penny stocks is the “tier” setting:

The OTCBB (

What is the Best Time of Day to Trade Stocks

What is the best time of day to trade stocks? The answer may surprise you.

The best time of day to trade stocks is not at market open for the average amateur trader. Professional traders will often fade stocks at market open. For example, if the market gaps up and rises, professional traders will (Read More….)

How to Trade the News

In this lesson you will learn how to trade the news.

Successful traders classify news into one of three categories: noise, signposts, and catalysts. I did a popular lesson on catalysts featuring the #3 ranked trader Jason Bond here. I will talk about each category and give you a few recent real life examples.

(

Stock Market Seasonality Forecasting

apple stock aapl seasonality chart

Stock market seasonality has never been easier with this new public tool from StockCharts. In this lesson you will learn how to use this tool for any stock that you want to trade.

Stock Market Seasonality Forecasting

Seasonality forecasting works and is why Wiley has been able to make a lot of money off the (Read More….)

Stock Trading Strategies: Predator or Prey

Understanding time frames and how traders with different stock trading strategies interact, is challenging to understand for even experienced traders. There are many different stock trading strategies that work and this lesson unifies all those stock market trading strategies into one grand unified theory lesson.

Many years ago, Steve Sando who lives in California’s (Read More….)

Swing Trading 101: 6 Lessons From a Losing Trade

The best lessons come from losing trades. In this lesson, I look at a losing trade made by Jason Bond and what lessons Jason teaches from this trade. As a famous trader once said, “The only thing that stopped me from making even more money trading was my winning trades.” Think about that. While (Read More….)

Learn How To Short the Market

On June 5, 2013, the market dropped 200+ points but I know a trader who made $5,000 from it! In this lesson you will learn how to short the market even if you do not have a margin account.

Short Market Definition

Shorting the market means that you are betting that the market is (Read More….)

Trend Trading For a Living

A lot of the mistakes stock traders make comes from not identifying the type of market we are trading in, and adapting the right stock trading strategy to compensate. In this lesson, you will learn about trending vs trading markets and how it pays to adjust your trading strategy in each.

Trending vs Trading (

Breakout Chart Patterns

Hot stock picks often have breakout chart patterns but learn why a top trader on Wall Street says that it is his least favorite pattern to trade.

Breakout stocks are probably not what you think they are. Breakout chart patterns are the last phase that stocks go through. First there is the oversold pattern, (Read More….)

How To Use Fibonacci Retracement

Fibonacci retracements are a valuable tool for both day trader and swing trader. The most popular Fibonacci Retracement levels are 38.2%, 50%, and 61.8%. These levels are often where a stock, after a big move up, will retrace or pull back to. Knowing these amazing levels can help you better time your entry in (Read More….)

Stock Market Watch List Is the Secret To Success

Having a stock market watch list is the secret to success when you trade at home for a living. In this lesson you will learn a proven, money making system for using watch lists.

Stock Market Watch List Software

The best free stock market watch list software to use is Finviz. Go here to (Read More….)

Stock Technical Analysis – Ascending Triangle

A pattern that you will see swing traders use time and time again to make money is the Ascending Triangle. Stock technical analysis does not have to be complex or even difficult. In this lesson I will teach you more about the Ascending Triangle and how to trade it.

Stock Technical Analysis Basics

There (

Stock Trading Training and $10,000 In 10 Days

Here is a little secret only the best stock traders know: all money making chart patterns fall into just three chart patterns. In this stock trading training lesson you will learn what these three chart patterns are and how to use them to your advantage.

Stock Market Trading Training

When you first started your (

Stock Trading Seminars: Basing Patterns

Forget expensive stock trading seminars, this free lesson will help you better time explosive intra-day price moves.

Stocks will base or go sideways, then break either up or down. This makes the basing pattern or the consolidation pattern a great money making pattern.

On May 1, 2013, Jason Bond (JB) made a killing in (Read More….)

Stock Trading Courses From Top Trader On Wall Street

This is one of the best stock trading courses online because you will see how a former public school teacher made over $10,000 in just 10 days with this stock trading method. Anyone can do this.

Stock Trading Courses for Beginners

Your goal is to look for stocks with an oversold chart pattern that (Read More….)

Stock Trading Terms For Beginners

There are a few important stock trading terms for beginners that you should learn. Even if you are an experienced trader, reviewing these stock trading terms will help you improve your trading. These are some of the most important stock trading terms and definitions you should know.

Stock Trading Terms Stop Limit

A stop (

Stock Trading Tip – Entry Is Everything

This is one of those really great tips for trading in the stock market that you going to love. I noticed something wrong that I have been doing over the last few weeks. I have been taking really poor entries lately and it has cost me.

It’s frustrating when I see Jason Bond hitting (

Stock Trading Strategies That Work

This lesson will show you stock trading strategies that work for the best traders on Wall Street who have quit their day jobs and who now trade at home for a living.

Trading Strategies In Stock Market

The best trading strategies in the stock market are the ones that have made people into billionaires (Read More….)

Best Stock Chat Room and Day Trader Live Chat

Learn about the best stock chat room on the Internet. This is a live day trading chat room that lets you trade with professional traders that trade at home for a living. The robust software behind this live day trading chat room is one of the best in the industry because it supports desktop (Read More….)

Learning Stock Trading From The Best Stock Trading Site

The best way to learn stock trading is with a hands-on approach as you are being taught by the #3 ranked trader out of more than 10,480 traders.

There’s a secret group of 450+ traders in a live day trading chat that are lean and mean and have enough wits and purchasing power to (Read More….)