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Institutional Buying and Selling Chart Called the TICK


The institutional buying and selling chart called the TICK lets us intelligently speculate on what institutional traders are doing. Institutional trading is highly secure and is a very guarded secret among institutional trading firms. The best amateur traders can do is to speculate on what institutional traders might be doing. Trading volume normally will spike […]

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Stock Screener For Pocket Pivots and Positive Divergences


I created a stock screener you can use to find pocket pivots and positive divergences between large players volume and stock price. The goal of this stock screener is to get ahead of big moves in stocks by finding ones that are chopping out or trading sideways while the large players volume and Twiggs Money […]

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Are You Trading In Your Comfort Zone?


Taking money from other people is a hard skill, particularly when everyone is trying to take money from you… Is your comfort zone holding you back as a trader? As James Altucher told me, it doesn’t matter what age you are: 20, 40, 60 or 80: you improve and enjoy life when you dive into […]

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Catalyst and Stock Trading Ideas Are What Will Make Or Break You


Stock trading ideas are the life-blood of profitable investing. It does not matter if you are a day trader, swing trader, or investor, coming up with ideas is where the money is at. All the greatest investors were master thinkers who came up with a good idea and then ran with it. Look at Others […]

Stock chart with rising large players volume and pocket pivot signal

Simple Swing Trading Strategy Using Large Players and Pocket Pivots


Are you ready for a simple swing trading strategy that uses large player volume and pocket pivots? The idea is to screen for pocket pivots and effective volume studies that show large players accumulating. You look for a positive divergence between large player volume and price and make sure the Twiggs Money Flow confirms the […]

Etrade screen with dark pool screener

Institutional Trading, Dark Pools, and How To Profit


In this lesson you will learn who the “smart money” is, their trading habits, and how they move millions of shares without anyone noticing. These institutional trades are hidden inside of secret dark pools. You will also learn how amateur traders can profit from dark pool trading. First, let’s start off with a good description […]

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Finding Stock Trading Catalysts


Folks, finding a catalyst that can power a stock or an entire sector higher is the key to killer profits. Catalysts are more important than being able to read a chart or a financial statement. You can be the best technical chartist in the world but still go broke in the stock market. You can […]

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3 Principles of Trading Penny Stocks Safely


A lot of traders lose in the penny stock market because they put on added risk just because they are trading penny stocks. Just because you are trading penny stocks, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the 3 principles of trading. These are time tested principles that will put the odds in your favor. The […] of different tier settings of OTCQX, International Premier, US Premier, International, and US

How To Find the Best Penny Stock Picks


A great website for finding the best penny stock picks is by using the free stock screener on You can go to the OTCBB screener by clicking here. Probably the most confusing aspect of this stock screener when you are first learning how to trade penny stocks is the “tier” setting: The OTCBB market […]

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What is the Best Time of Day to Trade Stocks


What is the best time of day to trade stocks? The answer may surprise you. The best time of day to trade stocks is not at market open for the average amateur trader. Professional traders will often fade stocks at market open. For example, if the market gaps up and rises, professional traders will short […]