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All Eyes On Gold $1450 Psychological Resistance


All eyes are on the price of gold going into next week as gold has been consolidating above $1360 and hit $1440 last week. Todd Horwitz, chief strategist of, says if we break $1,450, we’re going to $1,500. What’s Driving The Price of Gold? The global economy is slowing down. About 6 years ago, […]

Best Biotech Stocks For Week of July 22 2019


Sage Therapeutics is this week’s best biotech stock. Sage has several data points coming out soon that could give the stock a big lift. SAGE-718 for huntington’s disease. Phase 1 biomarker data due July 2019 with Huntington’s Disease Phase 1 cohort data due 2H 2019. SAGE-324 for essential tremors. Phase 1 MAD data due July […]

Sell GD for a 1.53% Win


Sell GD for a 1.53% win and congrats if you made money on the trade.

Sell Dell for a 5.2% Win


Sell Dell for a 5.2% win and congrats if you made money on the trade.

China Launches Nasdaq Competitor STAR


China has launched a Nasdaq clone called STAR Market. Trading starts July 22, 2019, and its goal is to give Chinese millionaire and billionaires the chance to invest into China’s government run tech industries. In the past, China has listed on U.S. exchanges through primarily what are called ADRs. Chinese stocks are in many cases […]

Microsoft Wins $2 Billion Contract From AT&T


AT&T will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud service for its computing needs and provide Office 365 software to much of its 268,000 employees. The Microsoft contract from AT&T is estimated to be worth $2 billion. This deal with AT&T means that Microsoft technology will be deployed alongside AT&T’s coming 5G network. The deal is a major […]

Sell ADMP For a 2.1% Gain


Sell ADMP for a 2.1% win. There’s not enough buying in the stock after the Symjepi news.

Iran Tries To Seize British Tanker and Fails


Reports are coming in that Iran tried to seize a British tanker but failed. Five armed Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps boats approached The British Heritage tanker which was sailing out of the Persian Gulf and was crossing into the Strait of Hormuz. The Iranians ordered the tanker to change course and stop in nearby […]

China’s Debt Defaults Will Pick Up As More American Investors Shun China Assets


More than two years ago, I alerted you to the fraud that is the Chinese ADRs traded on U.S. exchanges. Shockingly, little has been done by regulators to crack down on Chinese defrauding U.S. investors. There’s too much money to be made by allowing fraudulent Chinese firms to list as ADRs on U.S. exchanges. Folks, […]

Biotech Stock Sell Off Coming


A biotech stock sell off is coming as valuations soar into the fantasy island realm. If you want to play in the biotech stock realm, you’ve got to suspend disbelief that stocks represent any form of value whatsoever. Let’s take an example of a biotech stock we traded some months ago, Sarepta Therapeutics. Sarepta Therapeutics […]