China pulls out of negotiations and promises to retaliate if President Trump puts on $100 billion more in tariffs.

“Under these conditions, the two sides cannot conduct any negotiations,” Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said. Feng went on to say that China will “retaliate immediately, intensively, without any hesitation. We Chinese won’t pick fights, but if someone picks a fight, we’ll resolutely meet them head-on. We Chinese always take things seriously; we’ll act as we say,” if the U.S. releases new list of tariffs on $100 billion in additional imports.

China doesn’t pick fights? That’s rich coming from a country whose very symbol is a red dragon with its mouth open.

China doesn’t pick fights, huh? Then why is China continuing to attack the GuerillaStockTrading blog? Below is a list of failed attacks against this site with more attacks coming from China than all countries combined:

China has 1040 IPs blocked and a block count of 2774

I think Tibet would disagree…

April 2016 to April 2017, Tibetan City in the Sky demolished with homes in ruin. This is Larung Gar, in Chinas Gharze District (Eastern Tibet). It was the worlds largest Tibetan Buddhist Settlement and University. In June, 2016 the Chinese Govt. began executing their plan of forced eviction and demolishing of homes in Larung Gar. Ostensibly for public safety. Please share this image to expose the actions of the Chinese Govt. against peaceful practitioners of Buddhism.

Or tankman…

China citizen standing in front of government tanks before being killed by them

And what does China call its recent move of attacking the value of the U.S. dollar by way of petroyuan?

I’m sure the trade imbalance crisis could be fixed, if only we’d all agree to be subjects of communist China, at least until their own trade surpluses burst.

The start of trade wars between countries often is the precursor for military warfare between countries. I think that starts in the South China sea as China illegally builds islands in violation of international maritime law.