In typical, predictable fashion, the China trade talks are again falling apart. Like I’ve said from the start, although the last $50 billion promise from China to buy our ag products tricked me into thinking progress was being made, China only wants to stall and delay trade negotiations until a Democrat gets into the White House who is on their payroll.

On Thanksgiving day, Zhao launched into a six-part tweet listing accusations and data about racial disparities in the U.S., with a shot at President Trump:

Oh the irony. I just couldn’t resist myself folks:

Zhao’s ridiculous, communist sanctioned, tweet, came just hours after President Trump signed the Hong Kong bill which called out China’s actions to suppress democracy in Hong Kong.

Notice too how Zhao’s twitter rant closely resembles the Democrat party’s talking points. And some of you doubted that Democrats had promised China a better trade deal if they didn’t give President Trump a win on the issue before the 2020 election. China is even using Democrat talking points! What more proof do you need?

The real story about what’s going on between China and Hong Kong is not going to be in the corporate globalist news. Here’s an accurate perspective that globalist corporations don’t want you to hear for fear of angering the Chinese and getting booted out of doing business in China:

A brutal crackdown in Hong Kong is coming. China and the corporate globalists tried to manipulate the public via their usual fake news propaganda channels and shutting down the Internet to most people inside Hong Kong. It didn’t work and the local elections in Hong Kong last week proved that. China’s next logical move is for a brutal crack down in Hong Kong complete with a media blackout, secret police, and re-education/internment camps.

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