Cognizant Technology Solutions CTSH Stock On Resurrection Cross

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Cognizant Technology Solutions CTSH stock is testing a Resurrection Cross on June 5, 2023. The stock is in a technical strong uptrend.

CTSH stock chart on June 5 2023 with a Resurrection Cross chart pattern
CTSH stock chart on June 5, 2023, with a Resurrection Cross chart pattern

Cognizant Technology Solutions is a multinational technology consulting and digital services company that provides a range of services and solutions to businesses across various industries. Its services include digital strategy, consulting, technology and engineering services, data analytics, AI and machine learning, cloud solutions, and enterprise application services. Cognizant helps businesses transform and modernize their operations and processes, enhance customer experiences, and increase efficiency and profitability.

Cognizant Launches Cognizant AI Platform

Cognizant unveiled Cognizant Neuro® AI on May 15, 2023, a new platform that aims to give businesses a comprehensive approach to quicken the adoption of generative AI technology and maximize its business value in a flexible, secure, scalable, and responsible manner.

The platform makes use of Cognizant’s consulting, advisory, ecosystem partnership, digital studios, solutioning, and delivery capabilities, as well as its industry expertise, to assist clients in making a smooth transition into the era of generative AI. Cognizant is one of the first companies to introduce a company-wide generative AI platform intended to aid clients in better comprehending, utilizing, and customizing AI models that influence business outcomes.

“It is fast becoming clear that businesses must embrace AI without delay to remain competitive,” said Prasad Sankaran, EVP of Cognizant’s Software and Platform Engineering. “This is an exciting moment, as Cognizant’s Neuro AI platform goes beyond proof of concept, aiming to accelerate the adoption of enterprise scale AI applications, increase ROI potential, minimize risks and get to better business solutions, faster.”

From identifying business-specific use cases and operationalizing AI to data engineering and continuous improvement, the Cognizant Neuro AI platform will lead businesses on this journey. The platform enables software engineering and AI teams to develop adaptable, reusable, secure solutions, as well as conversational and generative user interfaces, embed AI models to produce fully functional apps, all of which are supported across multi-platform, multi-cloud ecosystems.

With the introduction of Cognizant Neuro AI, Cognizant has built on years of commercial AI applications for clients and AI research and development. Deep learning, evolutionary AI, and the use of generative AI tools in the life sciences, retail, and healthcare sectors are some examples of this. The AI teams at Cognizant have made it possible for AI to guide decisions in fields like price optimization, predictive healthcare analytics, and crop science optimization. Business leaders now have access to the full range of Cognizant’s tools and capabilities thanks to Cognizant Neuro AI, fostering human-AI collaboration on an enterprise-wide platform.

“We believe enterprises need scalable, flexible, end-to-end tools to accelerate responsible AI adoption,” said Anna Elango, EVP of Cognizant’s Core Technologies and Insights. “By partnering human expertise, including Cognizant’s deep industry insights, with the power of generative AI, we aim to help our clients catalyze informed decisions and tackle complex business challenges to drive cost efficiencies, resilience and business revenue.”

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