APT stock pulled back on January 28, 2020, setting up for a stalk entry on a candle over candle reversal.

Alpha Pro Tech (APT) makes protective clothing, including disposable protective clothing, and is moving higher amid continued headlines regarding the spread of the coronavirus. Alpha Pro Tech makes masks. A billion people buying masks in a huge opportunity for the company if it can keep up with demand.

The company sells protective filtration face masks, clean-room suits and other infection control products. The stock had a similar spike in late 2014, amid a panic over an Ebola outbreak in Africa.

Experts told the Washington Post that particulate-filtering face masks could help, but not entirely limit, the spread of the virus. Officials have said the masks aren’t necessary in the U.S. yet, but did recommend wearing them in China, the Post said.

The stock is pulling back after exploding higher over the last couple of days.

finviz dynamic chart for  apt

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