Here comes the corporate media to defend Biden and block the true details of the Hunter Biden laptop and the revelation that Biden is a corrupt politician.

In one of the biggest corruption stories of the decade, Joe Biden used his office as Vice President to rake in millions of dollars for himself and his family.

It’s ironic that the corporate media has spent the last 4 years running bogus stories on how corrupt Trump is, are now blocking stories on Biden’s corruption. Clearly, corruption is a huge theme that mainstream media has been obsessed with for the last 4 years until it comes to their own guy Joe Biden.

We even had a Mueller investigation and $48 million dollars of taxpayer money squandered that led to absolutely no findings of corruption whatsoever against President Trump. Then we have Joe Biden who clearly corrupted the office of Vice President by selling himself to foreign entities in order to enrich his family.

Rather than the corporate media focusing on Joe Biden’s corruption with the same vigor they have done with President Trump for the last 4 years, the mainstream media instead is refusing to report the story and big tech companies are suppressing the story in search results. The only mention of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the proven corruption of Joe Biden found is in a story twisted in the New York Times to discredit the story. Check out this bogus headline and story.

The New York Times story is completely fake news but Google is running it at the very top of search results. The NYT actually suggests that the story is unprovable and isn’t credible which is why the WSJ turned it down.

Follow the money. Here are the 2020 Presidential Election contributions from The New York Times. All the money is going to Democrats and Joe Biden. I’m guessing there are other shell companies likely involved in giving money to Democrats and Biden with connections to the New York Times but I can’t find them on

The truth is that the Wall Street Journal ran a blistering article revealing Hunter Biden selling access to his dad Joe Biden.

Corporate Propaganda Media and Big Tech Collude To Block Hunter Biden Story

The corporate media is now running fake news stories in an attempt to discredit what was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. This is only just the beginning.

Over the coming days, the information wars will rage as big tech censorship and blocking of the Hunter Biden story pick up. Regular Americans are battling big tech by setting up accounts and reposting stories as soon as they are taken down.

Here’s why Google, Facebook, and Twitter are moving to suppress the sharing of information regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop. People searching on “how do I change my vote” is surging higher since the last Presidential debate and the Hunter Biden story broke.


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