I was find out more information about COVID-19, its origins, who financed its develop, and how it was released from a Chinese lab in Wuhan, more fraud is being exposed.

Thousands of doctors across the country have gotten around the corporate media’s censorship to deliver life-saving treatments with hydroxychloroquine to the public. Corporate installed politicians, mostly Democrats, moved in with lawsuits to shut down these doctors from writing prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine to the public.

Fauci, Gupta, Refuse To Debate Real Doctors

Corporate-controlled media only has on doctors that support the narrative they are pushing out to the public. Still, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Gupta refuse to debate the thousands of doctors who believe their approach to masking, vaccinations, and lockdowns are not based on medical science. A narrative is easier to maintain when only a handful of doctors are willing to support that narrative.

In a Democracy, the media would be hosting intelligent debates between doctors. In Corporate Socialism, corporations decide the official narrative, and no one can deviate from that narrative.

Dr. Fauci Supported Hydroxychloroquine As COVID Cure

We now have shocking information that one of the biggest critics of Hydroxychloroquine, Dr. Fauci, actually used to support it as a treatment for SARs COV back in 2005. Now we see that President Trump was correct all along when he promoted Hydroxychloroquine 6 months ago, but the corporate media attacked him viciously for that:

Think about how viciously they attacked President Trump for promoting Hydroxychloroquine when they knew all along that he was simply following the NIH and Dr. Fauci’s medical paper from 2005.

They unleashed Seth Meyers to viciously attack President Trump for using Hydroxychloroquine.

Do you think CNN or NBC will apologize to President Trump now that it’s clear that Dr. Fauci and the NIH published a medical paper in 2005 that Hydroxychloroquine was an effective treatment against SARs COV? Of course not. They knew the existence of this medical paper from the NIH and Dr. Fauci back in 2005. They were hoping that the public was ignorant of this fact, and they were correct.

Why would Democrats block a cheap and available drug with an excellent safety profile from being used against the COVID-19 pandemic?

From the beginning, corporations and their politicians saw the benefit of keeping the pandemic going. They used COVID-19 to commit widespread election fraud by loosening voter ID requirements so people could vote by mail, you know, because of the big and scary pandemic that 99.7% of everyone under 65 experiences as a mild flu. They used COVID-19 to destroy first amendment rights to protect the public from bad doctors and their fake information, wink, wink. They used COVID-19 to instill fear in the public for control and a narrative that President Trump was a retard. They used COVID-19 to destroy small businesses that primarily support Republicans and drive business to big pharma, Walmart, Target, Microsoft, Facebook, and other globalist corporations supporting Democrats. They are using COVID-19 to usher in a “Great Reset”:

Globalist corporations and their Democrat puppets have used the COVID-19 pandemic to increase their money and power and eliminate their enemies. Why would they acknowledge that a cheap, widely available drug with an excellent safety profile like Hydroxychloroquine could end the pandemic quicker? They wouldn’t.


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