Dark pool activity was detected in PRU stock on January 16, 2020.

The dark pool order took place at $95.21 which is the low of the orange candlestick above. It looks like a pre-negotiated buy order at $95.21 which dropped the price down to that level to process the dark pool order and then the price immediately rose after.

On January 15, 2020, International Medical Group® (IMG®), an award-winning global insurance benefits and assistance services company, has been chosen by The Prudential Insurance Company of America (Prudential) to provide increased travel assistance offerings and a new insurance product to Prudential agents and members.

Starting in 2020, Prudential’s travel assistance services offerings will include emergency medical transport, medical assistance, travel assistance, and security assistance services provided by IMG.

“While Prudential Group Insurance has offered travel assistance services for many years, new features from IMG allow us to bring an even greater array of financial wellness solutions to the individuals we serve,” said Jessica Gillespie, SVP and head of distribution at Prudential Group Insurance.

Key enhancements of Prudential’s offerings will include identity theft assistance, an increased trip duration, increased political and natural disaster evacuation services, and telemedicine capabilities. One enriched feature is the traveler app, which will now alert travelers of nearby potential travel risks.

In addition to robust travel assistance services, Prudential will add a new insurance product to its portfolio designed to protect individuals who may experience an unexpected illness or injury while outside their home country.

“We continue to see a rise in international workplaces, and with that, employers increasingly rely on us to address the unique needs of their global workforce,” said Joseph Ingream, VP and head of life product at Prudential Group Insurance. “Working with IMG allows us to offer an out-of-country medical plan for employees traveling abroad.”

IMG has provided global benefits and assistance services to millions of customers since 1990. A leader in the travel insurance, travel medical insurance, and international private medical insurance industries, IMG boasts extensive experience coordinating and managing care through vast health networks as well as complex medical transports and assistance cases. This experience, along with their team of multilingual specialists around the world, has allowed them the global reach to expand their enterprise service offerings to companies like Prudential.

“Prudential’s selection of IMG’s service and product offerings is a testament to the market-leading capabilities IMG has been responsible for providing to its members and other enterprises for many years,” said Steve Paraboschi, president of IMG. “Our cross-border resources combined with Prudential’s extensive reach throughout the market make an excellent pairing that will allow us both to provide better products and services to those in need.”

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