A dark pool order was detected in SVMK stock on September 26, 2020.

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SurveyMonkey (Nasdaq: SVMK) and Tableau announced an exclusive partnership with Axios to provide broad access to public opinion data driving one of the most-watched elections of our lifetimes. The partnership combines SurveyMonkey’s vast polling infrastructure, Tableau’s self-service visual analytics platform, and Axios’ incisive storytelling to provide expert analysis and open the door for everyone—from business leaders to activists to first-time voters—to explore national and state-level sentiment in the lead up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Every day, more than two million people ask and answer questions using SurveyMonkey, providing the company with unprecedented access to the high-quality sample of the U.S. population that powers its market research solutions. From this data, Tableau’s powerful data visualization technology can continuously pull up-to-date information into accessible dashboards that allow visitors to filter sentiment by key variables like location, race, and gender. Axios reporters will have exclusive first access to the data to power their expert analysis. As part of this partnership, visitors to the Election 2020 minisite on tableau.com will then be able to run their own analysis, using Tableau’s visualizations to better understand voter enthusiasm, election integrity, and much more.

This partnership demonstrates that the right tools can empower anyone to ask and answer critical questions using data, and to understand uncertainty and make their own assessments. A key advantage of the partnership is the ability to dive deep into data from groups that are too often overlooked, including people of color and those who hold views outside the mainstream.

“The results of the U.S. presidential election will have worldwide repercussions,” says Jon Cohen, chief research officer at SurveyMonkey. “People everywhere are watching—and SurveyMonkey, Tableau, and Axios are focused on providing the clearest possible picture of the campaign using the latest, most comprehensive data available to help everyone anticipate what’s coming next.”

Data doesn’t just answer questions—it prompts exploration and discussion. It helps us understand the complex issues shaping our jobs, families, and communities. Helping people see and understand survey data can bring clarity to important issues leading up to the election and lets people dig deeper to answer their own specific questions.

“People are naturally inclined to view elections through their own neighborhoods, issues, and leaders. By visualizing polling data and making it easy to explore, anyone can see and understand their community—and the nation—beyond their own experiences and perspectives,” said Steve Schwartz, director of public affairs at Tableau. “It helps us understand the complex issues shaping our jobs, families, and communities in this historic moment.”

“Axios is known for its clear, concise insights and expert analysis on the critical trends shaping our future,” said Axios Editor in Chief Nicholas Johnston. “We’re excited to partner with SurveyMonkey and Tableau to get readers smarter, faster on what really matters in this election cycle.”

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