Day Trading Stocks and Making $10,000 A Week

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Day trading stocks for a living is possible even in today’s environment. Most people think that making $10,000 in a week using day trading strategies is something that probably hasn’t happened for most people since 1999 and the dot com days. Most people are wrong. In the video below, you’ll see a trader that made $10,000 in a single week! Even better, you are going to learn exactly how this trader did it.

Day Trading Strategies

Just like with swing trading, day trading strategies are great to learn but if you don’t know which stocks to apply them to, or what time of day to use them in, they will not work very well for you.

Day Trading Stock Picks

The best day trading stock picks are going to be stocks with lots of volatility and where lots of traders are trading in and out of them. These day trading stocks are found by taking the 100 day moving average and dividing it by the shares outstanding. Barchart has an excellent web page that they update with stocks that have high trading liquidity here.

Once you have a list of day trading stocks with good trading liquidity, the next thing you watch for is if the broader market is in a pattern where it sells off at the end of the day. The stock market goes through periods of rallying late in the day, and selling off late in the day. These periods can last for 3 days and more. When the broader market goes into a pattern where it has been selling off at the end of the day, that’s the time to use a strategy like the late day fade.

Best Day Trading Stocks

No matter which day trading strategy you use, good day trading stocks tend to have the follow characteristics:

  • Stock must have sufficient liquidity
  • Stock must have sufficient volatility (check the Average True Range (ATR) indicator daily for volatility analysis)
  • Avoid low priced stocks (higher priced stocks are more volatile and have a bigger trading range)
  • Avoid stocks with large spreads between the “Bid” and “Ask” (stocks with narrow spreads are easier to trade in and out of quickly)

Frequently Asked Questions about Day Trading

What’s day trading?

Day trading is the rapid buying and selling of stocks. A day trader may hold a position for a few minutes to a few hours but by the end of trading that day, all positions are closed out.

TradingExchangecom posted the excellent video below called Day Trading vs Swing Trading.

Can I count on your stock trading alerts and stock market wisdom to teach me?

Yes but the first thing you need to do is to subscribe to my blog to get the once a day email lessons. It’s free. By the end of 50 days, you will know enough about stock trading and stock screening to start building your own trading account. Subscribers will get this lesson and others like it emailed at the rate of 1 lesson per day for the next few days.

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