Both Democrats and Republicans joined today to vote on the most disgraceful bill ever.

Folks, we have to inform our family members and friends what these disgusting politicians in the House are doing. The corporate mainstream media is hiding today’s corrupt vote in the House from the American people.

140 backstabbing Republicans voted for a bill drafted by corporate globalist groups and Democrats which provides a green card giveaway to 300,000 Indian contract workers and dramatically increases the incentives for more Indian graduates to take college graduate jobs in the United States.

The 365- to-65 vote means the bill moves to the Senate, where Republican Senators are pushing a matching giveaway bill which is backed by Democrat Senator and presidential hopeful, Sen. Kamala Harris. Only 57 of 197 Republican legislators — and only eight Democrats — present voted against outsourcing American jobs to India.


Corporations that gave campaign money to get these “representatives” into office in the House told their bitches how they wanted them to vote and that’s what they did. All of Congress is still corrupted by money and power. Don’t believe that’s what happened here?

Shortly before the vote, McCarthy’s election campaign announced a record haul of political contributions:

“No House Republican has ever raised as much money in the first half of a year as Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) has thus far in 2019, according to fundraising figures released by his campaign on Wednesday morning.”

McCarthy’s fundraising committees announced the campaign had raised $10.66 million in the second quarter, bringing his total haul for the year thus far to $33.72 million.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy voted for outsourcing American jobs to India. What a coincidence!

The rich and powerful globalists that have supply chains in China, India, Mexico, and elsewhere have absolute control over everyone in Congress. The government is not by and for the people. It’s buy and for the rich corporations. If you had any doubt, today that doubt should be put to rest.

Congress doesn’t care about the common folk in this country. Congress only acts like it cares about you when they want your vote. Our country has become so corrupt that voting has become an illusion to pacify the common folk from sea to shining sea. It doesn’t matter who gets into office. If they took campaign money from rich and powerful corporations, they do what the corporations want, not what the people want.

But wait, it get’s worse.

The bill also helps U.S. real-estate investors by extending the green-card giveaway to the Chinese leaders who use the EB-5 program to buy green cards for their families.

Business groups touted the win even before the vote. That’s right. They knew who was going to vote which way because they orchestrated the entire vote. Mark Zuckerberg’s advocacy group compared the HR.1044 “country caps” bill to the Democrats’ DACA-amnesty bill:

“This is a very important bipartisan effort that we strongly support… If this passes, it will join the Dream and Promise Act as two pieces of commonsense but CRUCIAL immigration legislation passed by the House this year, waiting only for a vote in the Senate.”

American citizens are dreamers too. This isn’t about immigration. This is about allowing big tech companies to hire cheap tech labor from India instead of American workers. The bill provides a fast-track to green cards for 300,000 Indian contract-workers and 300,000 of their family members who choose to stay and work in the United States after their work visas expired. They were allowed to stay once their corporate overlords recommended they receive green cards. Worse, this legislation offers roughly 75,000 extra green cards per year to encourage Indian graduates to become contract workers in the United States.

At first it was just that there was a shortage of Americans willing to pick grapes and working in packing houses. Americans aren’t willing to work at such jobs, they told us. Because that argument worked in the agriculture sector, the tech sector has adopted that same argument. There’s not enough talented American workers in the tech industry that can fill these jobs we’re told. The truth is that there is no shortage of high tech workers– only a shortage of CEOs and investors willing to spend the money needed to hire American workers.

Indian graduates use the H-1B visa program to get low-wage job offers for U.S. white-collar jobs that are also sought by the 800,000 Americans who graduate from college each year with new degrees in healthcare, engineering, business, science, math, computers or science. The Democrat bill includes no protections for American graduates, most whom have large college debts. No wonder we have a student loan crisis! It all makes sense now.

Corporate media outlets did not report on today’s vote. If they did, it was to praise Kamala Harris for pushing this bill through the House. Both Democrat and Republican politicians sold out the American people today for their own monetary and political gain. To hell with all us citizens just trying to find a decent paying tech job to pay the bills.

Make sure to share this post and let your family members and friends know what bill was quietly passed today. The bill was called H.R. 1044 and you can read more about it here.

H.R. 1044 In the Corporate Globalist News