Former President Obama mocked President Trump in a speech to defend Biden and shore up votes. Here is the video of Obama’s commments:

Notice how Obama acts like he’s waving to a large crowd. The crowd applause seems manipulated and handlers honked car horns to make it seem as if Obama was speaking in front of a larger crowd.

Why are Democrats scrambling out Obama to attack President Trump? I thought Biden had pulled ahead of Trump by 15 points in all the ‘credible’ polls and that the election is all but over with Biden a shoo-in win.

The likely reason Democrats sent out Obama to drum up support for Biden is that the polls have been faked all along. We saw these fake Democrat-controlled polls in 2016 and we’re seeing them again now. These pollsters are attempting to influence the election through human psychology and peoples desires to be on the winning team, vote for the winning guy.

Here is how CNN framed Obama’s event and how YouTube may have manipulated the views higher to put it at the top of search results:

When a big tech corporation is so much in the bag for Democrats as Alphabet is, we have to suspect all manner of immoral and unethical behavior when a company has already demonstrated such behavior.

Alphabet 2020 Presidential Campaign Donations. No Republican is even on the list. Source:

How many people turned out for Obama’s ‘takedown’ of Trump? A few dozen at most. Now you see why they had to honk horns to create the illusion that Obama was actually speaking to a lot of people.

Aerial view of Obama’s ‘Big event and takedown of Trump’

The event had fewer than 20K people attending when it streamed live. Compare that to 600K people attending Trump’s live event yesterday:

That’s really incredible when you consider that Alphabet and AT&T owned CNN gave millions to Biden and practically nothing to Trump. They’ve got the searches tweaked. They have the fake views stacking up the count to promote the video everywhere. They have 90% of all campaign donations from Comcast’s NBC, Disney’s ABC, AT&T’s CNN, CBS, Alphabet, Amazon, and more. Still, they can’t keep the video and views equal to Trump’s rallies and speeches.

Where’s Biden? The Democrat party has pulled him off the campaign trail in light of the Hunter Biden laptop that threatens to upend Joe Biden. They have Biden in his basement while Obama, big tech corporations, and the mainstream media campaign for Biden.

President Trump is counterpunching against Obama’s attacks. Here is the video:

Notice that Trump’s speaking to thousands in a packed venue, while Obama drew barely any crowd in a parking lot, and fewer than 20,000 live views of the event online when it broadcast yesterday.


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