Digital World $DWAC Bullish Option Flow Detected On Merger Rumors

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Bullish option flow was detected in $DWAC stock between November 1 -4, 2022.

Bullish Option Flow in $DWAC Stock

DWAC stock option flow between November 1 to 4, 2022, in a table with the text TIME SYMBOL EXP STRIKE C/P SPOT DETAILS TYPE VALUE 11/04/22 DWAC 06/16/23 30 CALL 17.50 250@1.15_A BLOCK S28.8K 11/04/22 DWAC 03/17/23 25 CALL 17.46 321@1.2_A BLOCK S38.5K 11/04/22 DWAC 01/20/23 25 CALL 18.10 495@1.0_A BLOCK $49.5K 11/04/22 DWAC 06/16/23 25 CALL 18.08 150@1.25_A BLOCK $18.8K 11/04/22 DWAC 10/20/23 25 CALL 17.42 500@1.4_A BLOCK $70K 11/04/22 DWAC 09/15/23 25 CALL 17.18 490@13_A BLOCK S63.7K 11/03/22 DWAC 01/17/25 35 CALL 16.48 198@125_A BLOCK S24.8K 11/03/22 DWAC 01/19/24 25 CALL 16.61 239@1.4_A BLOCK S33.5K 11/03/22 DWAC 11/04/22 17 CALL 16.16 174@0.223_A SWEEP $3.9K 11/02/22 DWAC 11/18/22 22.5 CALL 16.22 706@0.25_A SWEEP $17.7K 11/02/22 DWAC 11/18/22 15 CALL 16.42 150@2.0_A BLOCK $30K 11/02/22 DWAC 11/18/22 14 CALL 16.41 150@2.73_A BLOCK $41K 11/01/22 DWAC 11/18/22 17.5 PUT 16.69 200@2.2_A SWEEP S44K

Make sure to review this lesson on option flow so that you understand the image above.

Trump Media named Rumble, Parler as potential merger partners

Trump Media and Technology Group executives said that Parler and Rumble might be bought or joined with.

Rumble, which currently provides Truth Socials video hosting services, recently launched an IPO through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) deal. However, Trump Media’s deal with Digital World Acquisition, a shell company, is facing legal and financial obstacles.

The agreement has missed several key deadlines, losing over $100 million in potential funding along the way. Efforts to delay the merger deadline until next year failed to garner support.

The New York Times said that it’s possible that Trump Media could merge with Rumble, which would give Trump Media access to around $400 million in cash.

Representatives from Trump Media, DWAC and Rumble did not respond to questions about the possibility of such a deal. Source:

Co-Founder: Trump Media violated laws

DWAC Stock Technical Analysis

DWAC stock is in a technical downtrend. The stock has been basing in a sideways channel for the last week.

DWAC stock chart on November 7, 2022, in a downtrend with a positive MACD but negative money flow.
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