Douglas Emmett $DEI Dark Pool Selling, Bear Watch

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REITs got hammered on November 8, 2022. Douglas Emmett $DEI has a fading MACD and the money flow is breaking hard to the downside.

Douglas Emmett $DEI Stock Technical Analysis

Douglas Emmett stock is in a technical strong downtrend. We are putting the stock on Bear Watch as it continues in a downtrend channel pattern. On the daily chart, the momentum went negative on November 8, 2022. The MACD is fading and could go negative by the end of the week. The money flow continues to fall deeper into negative territory.

DEI stock chart on November 8, 2022, in a downtrend channel pattern with a fading MACD and negative money flow.

On the 5-minute, 5 day chart, the money flow absolutely dumped on the downside as someone wanted out of the stock quickly.

Dark Pool Selling In Douglas Emmett $DEI Stock

A dark pool trade occurred in $DEI stock on November 8, 2022. The unusually large $5.7 million dark pool trade at $16.73 looks like a sell order because of how $DEI stock fell following the trade hitting the tape.

DEI stock chart on November 8, 2022, with dark pool-trade-in-orange-bar

Douglas Emmett downgraded at Piper Sandler

On October 7, 2022, Piper Sandler analyst Alexander Goldfarb downgraded Douglas Emmett to Neutral from Overweight. The analyst lowered price targets for real estate again because the risk premiums keep going up. The analyst says that he reviewed 2023 debt maturities against the rising rate environment, and that the negative earnings impact surprised him.

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