Congress members are soliciting campaign donations from the federal contractors in their districts.

Federal contractors are giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the campaigns of congress members and their getting billions of dollars in tax payer funded business contracts and grants in return.

Comcast’s NBC, Turner’s CNN, Sulzberger’s New York Times, and Amazon’s Washington Post, don’t want to report about this Quid Pro Quo.

Drain the swamp!

This is part of the reason why corporations control everything now and we live in a society that presents Corporate Socialism more than a democracy.

President Trump didn’t take money from corporations in 2016 and so they couldn’t control him which is why they’ve worked tirelessly to remove him from office ever since.

The corporate media seldom if ever reports on high-level corruption like this because they benefit from it too.

Meanwhile, investors are shocked why some other company got most of the government’s business and their stocks tanked as a result.

Why isn’t the SEC and DOJ all over this and shutting this kind of corruption down? I think we all know the answer.