ENPH stock is in a continuation pattern on increased sales growth of its solar microinverters. If you don’t know what a solar microinverter is, check out this quick educational video:

Enphase Energy is the king of solar inverters with an incredible 1 million Enphase microinverters in use in more than 110 countries. Sales are up more than 130% QoQ, and EPS is up 789% QoQ!

On January 14, 2020, Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENPH) announced that it has joined forces with OpenSolar, a company that has developed a free, web-based design and sales application tools that enable installers to gain sales efficiency and deliver a better customer experience by digitizing the proposal process end-to-end.

The OpenSolar App was created by two solar industry veterans as part of their mission to help accelerate the transition to solar energy globally. The sophisticated, yet intuitive software tool services the complete proposal journey from system design and sales to installation and service. OpenSolar also provides a paid bespoke-software service for solar manufacturers and solar finance companies to better serve their dealer networks.

“We are delighted to team up with Enphase in Australia, to better serve the professionals who are educating Australians on the best technology solutions for their homes and businesses,” said Andrew Birch, co-founder of OpenSolar. “Innovative, differentiated solutions are improving the economics of clean energy, and we’re thrilled to help retailers communicate these benefits.”

“The increase in sales productivity combined with OpenSolar’s beautifully designed proposals means that we can win business on the merit of our customer service and best-in-class solar solutions rather than just on price,” said Daniel Huppert, sales manager at Total Solar Solutions Australia. “The comparison toolset has enabled us to sell more quality systems like Enphase, as we can better articulate and visualize the benefits of premium solar against multiple system options.”

By using the OpenSolar App, installers can access online sales tools and digital product content to create compelling, configurable PDF Enphase proposals with ease. In addition, installers can leverage deep, 3-D modelling tools, manage all quotes in one place and offer side-by-side comparisons for homeowners, to more effectively communicate the value of Enphase to customers.

“Remarkable customer experiences are how retailers stand out in a competitive market, gain loyal customers and promote referrals,” said Dave Ranhoff, chief commercial officer at Enphase Energy. “A collaboration with OpenSolar enables Enphase installers to engage with prospects and grow their businesses with a digital-first customer journey, underpinned by our highly reliable, safe, and easy to install products.”

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