GD Culture Group Surges Higher On TikTok Game Launch

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GD Culture stock GDC surged higher in pre-market trading on September 5, 2023, after the company announced the release of a new interactive game on TikTok.

GDC daily stock chart on September 5, 2023

On the weekly chart GDC stock has been basing in a rectangle bottom pattern for nearly a year since October 2022.

GDC 2-year weekly stock chart on September 5, 2023

The GD Culture Group is a multinational conglomerate company based in China. It operates in various industries including entertainment, media, sports, tourism, and real estate. The company is involved in film and television production, artist management, music production, talent agencies, sports events and promotion, theme parks, tourism development, and other related businesses. They aim to promote Chinese culture and entertainment on a global scale.

GD Culture Group Expands into Livestreaming Interactive Games on TikTok

On September 5, 2023, GD Culture Group Limited announced that AI Catalysis has launched an interactive livestreaming game on TikTok.

Real-time and immersive gaming experiences are provided by the game. When they join the livestream, viewers are asked to choose one of two teams and play as players in the game. By instructing their player avatars to take on bosses, competing against one another, and spending in-game money on items that will improve gameplay, the two player teams will face off against one another. To engage the players, the livestream hosts provide commentary, advice, and insights. A feature of The Game lets viewers give virtual tokens to their preferred hosts. The Hosts also participate in chats and comments from viewers, fostering a sense of community. TikTok fans can instantly experience thrill-packed experiences thanks to this innovative gaming style, which is already popular in Asia. The Game is simple to use, entertaining, and ready to draw in players whenever they decide to participate.

Numerous TikTok users have shown interest in the Game, which has gathered significant momentum. The game selection and anchor personas for TikTok users will be expanded by AI Catalysis. The Company currently works with two hosts, one who has a great sense of humor and the other who has sharp gaming insight. In order to provide non-stop entertainment for the TikTok audience, AI Catalysis plans to employ digital hosts.

“We are excited to introduce this dynamic gaming experience to the TikTok community,” commented Mr. Xiaojian Wang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. “The synergy of real-time interaction and gaming engagement hits the sweet spot of today’s digital appetite. Moving forward, our goal is to enhance our impact on TikTok, diversify people’s way of entertainment, and deliver lasting value to our shareholders.”

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