A share of a company incorporated in the Chinese mainland that is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange or other foreign exchange. H-shares are still regulated by Chinese law, but they are denominated in Hong Kong dollars and trade the same as other equities on the Honk Kong exchange.

H Share (Wikipedia)

H shares (Chinese: H股; also known as 恒生中國企業指數, Hang Seng China Enterprises Index) refer to the shares of companies incorporated in mainland China that are traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Many companies float their shares simultaneously on the Hong Kong market and one of the two mainland Chinese stock exchanges.

Price discrepancies between the H shares and the A share counterparts of the same company are not uncommon. A share generally trades at a premium to H shares as the People's Republic of China government restricts mainland Chinese people from investing abroad and foreigners from investing in the A-share markets in mainland China.

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