The odds of a government shutdown exploded higher today after Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer met with President Trump today in the White House. I think there’s now a 75% chance of a government shutdown late next week.

President Trump wants $5 billion in funding for a wall, while the Democrats are offering $1.3 billion for “border security”, not specifying that the money should be used for a wall.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer are facing a radical socialist push from the left which wants no money for a wall. Pelosi still isn’t guaranteed the votes to win the Speakership in early January 2019. Pelosi will do anything to please the radical socialist left in her party in order to get the votes needed to win the Speakership.

About 75% of the government is already funded for this fiscal year, but several agencies, including Homeland Security, would need to be shutdown. There is an estimated 600,000 federal employees that could get laid off if the government shuts down next week.

The press briefing released just minutes ago shows that no deal will be made with Democrats for funding for a border wall:

It’s beautiful to see a President of the United States standing up for the security of our borders and the American people IMO. Had President Trump taken money from corporate multi-national oligopolies like Shumer and Pelosi did to get elected, this debate in front of the cameras never would have happened. These big corporate multi-nationals do NOT want a border wall and do no want tariffs because it makes it harder for them to exploit resources in foreign countries, bring in cheap overseas labor with work visas instead of hiring more expensive American labor, and smuggle in products through the border with the help of the mafia.

The President is disrupting corporate multi-nationals supply chain schemes of making products in other low wage countries, and then selling those products into the U.S.

Democrat corporate donors control Shumer and Pelosi like puppets. Nancy Pelosi was given $5.8 million dollars from corporations in her 2018 election. Some of the biggest corporate donors to Pelosi’s 2018 campaign were multi-nationals like: R&S Associates, Akin Gump,, Alphabet (Google), and Amazon. Shumer has taken in $28 million between 2013 and 2018. Some of the biggest corporate donors to Shumer’s campaigns over the years are multi-nationals like: Alphabet (Google), Blackstone Group, Lockheed Martin, Citigroup, Apple, BlackRock, Corning, and Goldman Sachs. This is why Pelosi and Shumer have no arguments for not securing our borders as demonstrated in the exchange above. President Trump is doing the bidding of the American people and makes powerful points about securing the border with a border wall. Shumer and Pelosi are doing the bidding of corporate multi-nationals IMO which is why they tried to pitch that a border wall doesn’t work and the President destroyed that argument by invoking the country of Israel. China too is another example of a wall that has protected the country for thousands of years. Even Russia used a wall to successfully isolate East and West Germany for decades.

The odds for a government shutdown just exploded through the roof today IMO. Corporate multi-nationals and their Globalism order want Democrats to block funding for a border wall. President Trump did not take money from corporations to get elected and is instead following the mandate of Nationalism and securing the American people. I see no deal being worked out by the Globalists and the Nationalists as an impenetrable border wall is at the heart of both ideologies. If the government is shutdown, it would have a minimal impact on the economy if it lasts for only a few weeks.

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