The news broke today that the Democracy Fund will launch a massive survey of 6,250 Americans each week leading up to the 2020 election.

Below are parts of the press release on October 11, 2019, that read like a fake sales marketing letter. Keep in mind that this was sent to corporate media groups to publish as “news”.

Democracy Fund, UCLA, and Lucid launch “Nationscape”— a weekly survey that will provide rare in-depth insights into localities and subgroups.

What do American voters want? Democracy Fund’s Voter Study Group and leading researchers from UCLA today unveiled an ambitious undertaking to answer this critical question. Nationscape, one of the largest public opinion surveys ever conducted, will comprise more than 500,000 interviews leading up to the 2020 elections.

The unprecedented sample size is designed to catch nuances missed by public opinion studies in 2016. Early data reveals important new insights about how events affect people’s attitudes and priorities, and how Democrats and Republicans weigh issues differently even when they are on the same side. Nationscape is fielded by market research platform Lucid.

“The scale of the project represents the complexity of American politics today. The project will illustrate differences across the country on the topics voters care about most, and the way voters trade off policies when choosing among sets of issues,” explained Lynn Vavreck, the Marvin Hoffenberg Professor of American Politics and Public Policy at UCLA and co-creator of Nationscape.

“Nationscape goes beyond horse race polls and battleground states and gets to the real issues that are driving voters and their decisions,” said Democracy Fund President Joe Goldman. “The unparalleled size and scope of this survey will help us understand how opinions differ across small geographic areas and groups of voters in ways not possible with traditional surveys, providing a deeper understanding of the electorate in this vital election.”

The large sample size of the Nationscape survey will allow in-depth insights into sub-groups of Americans often missed in election studies — including groups that were crucial to the outcome of the 2016 election – in addition to tracking attitudes and priorities over time and across geographies. These differences will be visible through Nationscape across most mid-size cities, counties, states, and regions.

The Truth About The Democracy Fund

The socialist Democrats learned a long time ago that they could use surveys to influence public opinion. This isn’t about your opinion. They don’t care about your opinion you deplorable smelly Walmart shopper. They only care about how you vote and these fake polling groups are meant to sway your vote.

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