Home Depot $HD Bullish Option Flow Detected From Whale Trader

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On July 23, 2022, GuerillaStockTrading detected bullish option flow in $HD stock by a whale trader.

$HD $360 October 21 2022 Call Volume Explodes Higher

Someone with a lot of money bought the $360 October 2022 calls. They purchased 600 calls at $1.90 for a total value of $114,000.

Hd Call Option

Option Flow In $HD Stock On July 22 2022

Looking at the overall option flow in $HD stock, 56% of investors opened trades with bullish expectations and 43% with bearish. Overall unusual trades were two puts, for a total amount of $116,782, and 14 calls for a total amount of $656,541.

Hd Option Flow

Make sure to review this lesson on option flow so that you understand the image above.

$HD Stock Chart Technical Analysis

Hd Barchart Interactive Chart

The TTM Squeeze bands look stretched and ready to reverse, IMO. Overall, I’m not seeing what the whale trader is seeing. The chart is in a downtrend, and with Home Depot tied to consumer spending and the slowdown in housing and, by extension, construction spending, somebody might know something that the public is unaware of.

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