Hotel owners are telling the U.S. government that they do not want to house illegal immigrants.

“Hotels are meant to welcome people from all over the world, not jail them,” said D. Taylor, president of the hotel workers union Unite Here.

Who would want to stay in a room knowing that an illegal immigrant family was detained there by guards?

A drug-resistant fungus, Candida auris, around the world as explained in this terrifying article in the New York Times.

This bacteria is “so invasive” that hospitals are struggling to get rid of it. In one document case, the hospital tried spraying bleach and every chemical they could think of but the bacteria still survived in the room! Finally, they closed the entire floor and had to bring in special equipment to eradicate it, even removing ceiling and floor tiles! The cost of the clean-up was estimated at $1 million. What do you think is going to happen when an immigrant family carrying this bacteria is put into a hotel? It would probably take many months, maybe years, for the CDC to detect the outbreak and then trace it back to the hotel. Meanwhile, the bacteria would spread throughout the entire building!

Contagion Apocalypse

This is the vector of how the U.S. gets infected with a contagious super-bug or disease and millions of Americans die.

Minus the doomsday scenario of contagious disease, how safe would you feel in your hotel room when down the hall are armed guards holding someone inside a room?

Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence said ICE uses hotels “strategically” to keep families together before transferring them to detention centers or deporting them. As of July 16, the agency had 53,459 individuals in custody, including 311 members of families.

Democrat advocacy groups are pressuring hotel owners to deny ICE access to their hotels in order to hobble the agencies efforts.

“If hotels or other places do not want to allow us to utilize that, they’re almost forcing us into a situation where we’re going to have to take one of the parents and put them in custody and separate them from the rest of their families,” Albence told The Associated Press in a recent interview.

Publicly traded hotel stocks impacted by this immigration drama are: MGM and CHH.

Falling large players volume over the last couple of weeks with a negative Twiggs Money Flow means that no good entry is present in the stock right now.
Stronger than MGM stock especially on the positive Twiggs Money Flow.

CHH is the stronger stock of the two but the stock, like most, is overvalued.

Neither CHH or MGM stocks meets the requirements for the GST Portfolio.

Disclosure: I hold no position in CHH or MGM stocks.

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