A large dark pool order was detected in MTCH stock on January 10, 2020.

We think that the dark pool order was a buy order because of how MTCH stock kept trending higher after the print.

On Janaury 6, 2020, dating app OkCupid (NASDAQ: MTCH) is introducing the bold new “Ask Yourself” ad campaign that encourages singles to define what matters most to them when it comes to relationships. The campaign is inspired by real daters’ answers to OkCupid’s famous in-app questions, of which there are more than 7 billion responses from OkCupid users around the world. Beginning in January, “Ask Yourself” will roll out across digital and social platforms, as well as out-of-home, in major cities around the world, starting with New York City.

OkCupid partnered with artist Xaviera López to create mesmerizing, looping animations that bring its iconic match-making questions to life. These animations are visual representations of how OkCupid questions connect like-minded people.

“What our data shows is that younger daters in particular care deeply about some of the biggest issues of today, and they don’t want this disconnected from their dating experience. Only on OkCupid can we take all of your choices and use that to figure out who you will be the most compatible with,” said Melissa Hobley, Global Chief Marketing Officer at OkCupid. “This approach to matching works — just ask the millions of happy couples OkCupid is responsible for around the world.”

Voting and politics are particularly important to daters today; the number of daters on OkCupid who said they enjoy discussing politics increased over 150% in 2019 when compared to 2016. But data shows it’s not all political when it comes to love. Millions of answers reveal 2020’s biggest deal-breakers, with ‘music’ and ‘travel’ also coming in toward the top:

  • Politics: 38 million answers
  • Music: 20 million answers
  • Travel: 11 million answers
  • Voting: 7 million answers

The campaign creative reflects these insights, with a focus on most-answered OkCupid questions, as well as statements derived from them:

  • Could you date someone who couldn’t be bothered to vote?
  • Bigger turn-on: Intelligence or looks?
  • Is a soulmate worth waiting for?
  • It’s OK to not date a man who won’t vote for a woman
  • It’s OK to choose to only date someone who’s pro-choice
  • It’s OK for your pronouns to mean more than your profile
  • It’s OK to only match with someone you can march with
  • It’s OK to choose Mr. Right based on how far left he leans

“When I started thinking about the illustrations for this campaign, I was so inspired by the depth of questions that OkCupid provides for their users, and I wanted my work to match their intensity, playfulness and honesty,” López said. “I hope that the work inspires those to take a chance and find out more about themselves and their future partners.”

OkCupid partnered with creative agency Mekanism to launch the multi-channel “Ask Yourself” campaign, the first global campaign in OkCupid’s history.

“OkCupid helps users make deeper, more meaningful connections by matching people on the questions that really matter to them,” said Kara Coyle, Creative Director at Mekanism. “Questions that cover the provocative topics, the telling ones, the make-or-break deciders when it comes to who you date. We brought these questions to life through thought-provoking animation that stops people in their tracks and makes them consider what matters most to them.”

OkCupid is available in over 110 countries, with more than 25 markets that use localized questions to connect people based on their unique experiences. As OkCupid focuses on international expansion, this campaign will debut in North America this January and extend in key regions later in the year.

There is also a spin-off of MTCH stock going on which analysts, for the most part, believe that it will improve the capital structure of Match Group.

Wedbush analyst Ygel Arounian initiated coverage of Match Group (MTCH) with a Neutral rating and $80 price target. The analyst notes that Match Group is in the process of fully spinning out from IAC (IAC), which will lead to a “meaningful” change in capital structure as Match Group will absorb $1.7B of IAC exchangeables, raise debt and use cash on hand to issue an $850M dividend to shareholders, and retire 6% of shares in the process. In return Match gets an elimination of its dual share class voting structure, materially enhances its shares’ liquidity and float, and increases its own strategic flexibility, he adds. Aside from the spin, we view Match Group’s market opportunity and associated risks as balanced, particularly in light of premium valuation.

Oppenheimer analyst Jason Helfstein believes Match will benefit from the spinoff transaction as his calculations suggest 17%-20% 2020/2021 free cash flow/share accretion for Match Group.

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