When you’re in the middle of a hostile foreign takeover with next-level election fraud and a communist animated corpse is only days away from being installed as the next American President, is it really “violence” to fight against it?

Had states not certified the fraudulent votes. Had the FBI investigated and done its job. Had the DOJ done its job. Had the Supreme Court done its job. Had big tech not banned people that talked about election fraud from their social media platforms. Had the corporate-controlled news not tried to cover up the election fraud, none of the violence in the capital would have happened.

Corporate Controlled Mob Violence Is Good

When corporations and George Soros types fund Black Lives Matter and Antifa to cause violence, that’s celebrated by politicians as freedom in a democracy. When Antifa and Black Lives Matter burn corporate globalist approved businesses, it’s “protestors”. When freedom-loving American patriots sit at Nancy Pelosi’s desk, it’s a “terrorist mob.”

Here is Nancy Pelosi on the corporate backed mob that tore down the Columbus statue:

Here is Nancy Pelosi on Americans protesting a fraudulent election in which Chicomm Biden was installed as President:

Here is Joe Biden on Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence and the destruction of private property:

Here is Joe Biden on Americans protesting a fraudulent election and the elimination of our First Amendment right to free speech over the internet:

The Democrats are acting as if we are under a foreign invasion. But it’s merely their constituents who have had enough of their rights being stripped, the corruption on parade, and our vote being compromised.

Instead of throwing a blanket of calm and unification over the raging fire of frustration by allowing for a fair signature audit of votes, the globalist corporations with their minion Beijing Biden respond with brutal crackdowns and the censorship of all internet communications, while their corporate mainstream media lies go unchallenged.

Amongst themselves, the left foments a dangerous communistic narrative deeming all Trump supporters as sub-human trash. But they can’t escape the facts. And it is as plain as day. The Left began the domestic terror.


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