Reports are coming in that Iran tried to seize a British tanker but failed.

Five armed Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps boats approached The British Heritage tanker which was sailing out of the Persian Gulf and was crossing into the Strait of Hormuz. The Iranians ordered the tanker to change course and stop in nearby Iranian territorial waters. The UK’s Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose had been escorting the tanker from the rear. It trained its deck guns on the Iranians and gave them a verbal warning to back away, which they did. Montrose is equipped on the deck with 30 mm guns specifically designed to destroy Iran’s small gun-boats.

A U.S. spy aircraft was overhead and captured the entire incident on video. Hopefully the Department of Defense will declassify the video over the next few days so we can see the action.

The Iranian government threatened to seize a British tanker in response to Britain seizing an Iranian tanker that was violating U.S. oil sanctions.

Folks, the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

Just so we’re clear about what happened here. Five little speedboats pulled up to a huge tanker and demanded that they pull into a Iranian port. The tanker kept going and a British warship swatted the little gnat speedboats away.

Oh my gosh, look at this Iranian attack boat getting so close to our warships that we had to scramble a jet overhead:

I know RT News likes to make drama about how Iran’s “Navy” is so formidable, but do you ever get this impression about Iran’s “Navy”:

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