KTOS stock rocketed higher in after-hours trading on January 7, 2020, after the company announced a new $6 million order.

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: KTOS), a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that Kratos Unmanned Systems Division (KUSD) has recently received approximately $6 million in high performance jet powered unmanned aerial target drone system orders, and related ancillary and spares support equipment. Kratos is a leading provider of high performance unmanned aerial drone systems for threat representative target missions to exercise weapon, radar, and other systems; plus tactical aerial drone systems for strike/ISR and force multiplication missions. Work under these contract awards will be performed primarily in Kratos Unmanned Systems Division production facilities. Due to competitive, customer related and other considerations, no additional information will be provided related to this new contract award.

Steve Fendley, President of Kratos Unmanned Systems Division, said, “These orders represent the latest evolution of our target systems which continue to support the evolving needs of our customers. The recapitalization of strategic weapon systems by the U.S. and its allies to address new technology and state of the art threats of our adversaries is driving demand for Kratos high performance, threat representative target drones systems, and we are proud to support our customers’ and the warfighters’ operational readiness.”

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:KTOS) develops and fields transformative, affordable technology, platforms and systems for United States National Security related customers, allies and commercial enterprises. Kratos is changing the way breakthrough technology for these industries are rapidly brought to market through proven commercial and venture capital backed approaches, including proactive research and streamlined development processes. Kratos specializes in unmanned systems, satellite communications, cyber security/warfare, microwave electronics, missile defense, hypersonic systems, training, combat systems and next generation turbo jet and turbo fan engine development.

On December 31, 2019, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: KTOS) announced that it has received an approximate $24 million single award contract for microwave electronics products in support of missile system programs. This contract award is the initial production award for what is expected to be long term, multi-year missile system platforms. Kratos is a leading provider of microwave electronic products in support of missile, radar, guided munitions, electronic warfare, communication and other programs and systems. For customer related, competitive and other considerations, no further information will be provided related to this contract award.

Yonah Adelman, President of Kratos Microwave Electronics Product Division, said, “This recent contract award is in support of what are expected to be long term, multi-year programs and some of the largest programs in our Division. Our entire team is honored to have been selected to support this important and challenging opportunity.”

On December 30, 2019, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: KTOS) announced that its Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Combat, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) Modular Systems Division has recently received an approximate $50 million, single award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) product and hardware related contract award in support of a national security related program. Initial tasking and funding under this new contract award has already been received by Kratos. Kratos C5ISR Modular Systems Division is a leading provider of products, hardware, systems and subsystems in support of unmanned aerial vehicle, high powered directed energy, missile, missile defense, radar, surface combatant and other combat and weapon systems and programs. Work under this recent contract award will be performed in secure Kratos production facilities. Due to customer related, competitive and other considerations, no additional information will be provided related to this recent contract award.

Tom Mills, President of Kratos C5ISR Modular Systems Division, said, “The recapitalization of strategic weapon systems to address peer and near peer threats of the United States and its allies is providing a number of large, new program opportunities to our business, including in the Missile System, Missile Defense, Radar, Space, Unmanned and Combat System areas, and we are proud to address mission critical national security priority areas.”

On December 19, 2019, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions announced that it was awarded a AUD $4,840,720.04 (approximately USD $3,300,000) contract by the Australia Department of Defence to deliver hardware, software and technical data package upgrades to their Kratos Maintenance Blended Reconfigurable Aviation Trainers (MBRATs) and CH-47F Chinook Avionics Trainer (CAT).

The CH-47F CAT is a High Fidelity Hands On Training System (HOTS) that provides full-task training through simulation of all avionics sub-systems and aircraft survivability equipment in an integrated configuration within a fully immersive physical environment. The CH-47F MBRAT blends a virtual immersive environment and spatial physical awareness with established CH-47F Chinook simulation software.

The enhanced MBRAT training capabilities enable the end user to increase student training throughput by enabling new training tasks to be performed on the upgraded MBRAT trainers and the CH-47F CAT simultaneously.

The CAT and MBRATs have enabled the Australian Department of Defence to establish a local CH-47F Chinook maintenance training center of excellence for the Australian military. Previously, maintenance training had been conducted in the United States, but with Kratos MBRATs and CAT the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is now self-sufficient in this regard.

“As the global demand for training continues to increase, Kratos is expanding its training footprint to support the demanding and complex training requirements of the U.S. and its allies worldwide by applying advanced technologies like those incorporated in the MBRAT and CAT,” said Jose Diaz, Senior Vice President of Kratos Training Solutions.

On December 6, 2019, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions announced that it had been awarded a $39 million sole-source contract for Geolocation Global Support Services. The award is a five year contract that includes a base year and four one-year options, for a total value of up to $39 million. Work on the initial $7.7M base year contract began on December 1, 2019.

Kratos will provide continuous RF monitoring services for government leased bandwidth on commercial satellites and bandwidth on military satellite communications; including bandwidth identified by the Combined Space Operations Center, or CSpOC. Kratos will also support resolving interference events through employment of mitigation strategies and geolocation activities. These services use Kratos products including Monics® and satID® to identify, isolate and geolocate interfering signals. Monitoring services will provide the U.S. Government the ability to efficiently utilize leased bandwidth, saving money and resources while ensuring that critical satellite communication links stay operational.

Matt Langenbahn, Vice President of RF Sensing Systems for Kratos said, “Kratos’ commercially owned and operated global RF space domain awareness network uses proprietary sensors and software to collect and deliver persistent, day or night real-time data. The global network augments U.S. government satellite communication with detection services for anomalies, maneuvers and interference. Kratos’ Mission Partner approach helps the government and satellite operators understand more about the health, location, attribution, performance and other behavioral factors about satellites in space.”

Kratos offers RF monitoring services, also referred to as spectral services, with a global network of antennas and sensors necessary to provide constant (24 hours per day, 7 days per week) bandwidth monitoring, detection and geolocation interference in the C- and Ku- bands specified by the Combined Force Space Component Command (CFSCC). Kratos’ sensor network currently consists of 20 worldwide sites hosting more than 80 fixed and steerable sensors and antennas in C, Ku, X and S bands.

“Kratos technology assures that U.S. multi-domain operations continue unabated. This service is just one of the many ways Kratos is aligning commercial capabilities with U.S. government strategies by ensuring satellite communication links in support of national defense,” said Phil Carrai, President of Kratos Space, Training and Cybersecurity Division.

Kratos spectral services are part of a portfolio of RF services offered to government and commercial customers including end-to-end satellite RF monitoring, interference detection, geolocation and mitigation. RF data analytics services including bandwidth utilization reports and advanced correlative and predictive analytics are available as a subscription or on demand. Kratos RF space domain awareness services provide RF data insights, including: detecting payload and other operational changes or anomalies, their origin or cause, and ephemeris generation.

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