These left-leaning technology companies are everywhere folks. What I’m about to tell you should shock you to your core. China does not recognize Taiwan and the Taiwan flag is banned inside of China. The Chinese government told Apple that if they want to do business in China, they need to ban the Taiwan flag emoji on ALL Apple devices worldwide and Apple complied! Reports are that the ban was not just the Taiwan flag emoji, but even if someone typed the word “Taiwan” (because even the word Taiwan is banned in China).

The Apple scheme crashed your iPhone if you tried to text message the Taiwan flag emoji. Unbelievable! China is censoring and controlling free speech in the United States by way of Apple! Source: Taiwan flag emoji crashed iPhones ‘to appease China’.

What really gets me angry is that Apple denied the police and anti-terrorism law enforcement inside the U.S. the right to access the contacts and call history of a terrorist who killed innocent Americans in the name of privacy, but then violated Americans free speech by crashing any iPhone that texted the Taiwan flag! Talk about an anti-American company! What is going on in the world today with these giant technology firms?

I’m recommending selling Apple stock. We are up 22.5% since I profiled Apple stock to Premium members on October 23, 2017 in an article entitled Apple Inc Stock Forms Positive Divergence On Large Players Volume .

These large left-leaning technology companies think they control the world and can do whatever they want. There is no love of country at these oligopoly technology firms that are responsible for outsourcing and offshoring of American jobs, and now, obstructing US law enforcement officers doing their jobs, but appeasing the communist Chinese to block free speech and the texting of the Taiwan flag inside of America. All that matters with these companies is the pursuit of money and greed. Love of God and country doesn’t fit into their business models.

I don’t want to be holding Apple stock when Americans find out that Apple is censoring what they do on their phones in the US to appease the Chinese. Let’s get out of Apple stock while we have awesome profits.

Don’t expect the leftists in the mainstream media to report that Apple did this or if they do report it, it will be a short and quick story buried on page 50 of the Google search index. If they even do report it, they’ll make it seem like it was a “bug” and not the fact that they were controlling free speech in America on behalf of the Chinese. The other thing I’m seeing in the mainstream media is that the reports are that it only crashed Chinese iPhones but my sources tell me that it affected iPhone users outside of China, worldwide.

Mainstream Fake News On Apple Censoring US iPhones For China