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Posted by on March 8, 2013 8:42 AM
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When looking for the best stock trading site, it’s important to consider the following criteria.

1. Does it show people how to make money stock trading? Making money has to be the most important criteria when looking for the best website for stock trading. You want to see lots of testimonials from paid members who are actually making money stock trading with the site.

2. Is the website educational or is it a stock picking service? If the website is just an educational website then it’s no good. Anyone can put up an educational stock trading site that looks good on the surface. You want more than that. You want a website that actually puts the education to use and that makes money with it so that you know if the educational materials on the website are good or not. If the website is just a stock picking newsletter then, again, it’s not very good. You don’t want mysterious stock picks being emailed to you that you are just suppose to blindly follow. These are how pump and dump penny stock newsletter websites work. They are paid promotions. You want a website that is a place to learn, work, and make money.

3. Does the website have a history of winning and losing trades published for everyone to see? You want to see the winning and losing trades so as to get a better idea of what stock trading is really like. Any website that only posts winning trades should raise a huge red flag. Everyone has winning and losing trades. That’s just part of trading. A website that is hiding its losing trades is probably a website with too much hype.

4. Does the website have watch lists? If it’s a good stock trading site, it will use some type of system of watch lists. Watch lists are important because it shows you the night before, the day before, even the week before, what to look for. I have seen a lot of stock picking websites that post a trade the day of the move, and then fudge the numbers to make it like they alerted you to the stock before the move began thus taking credit for the entire move up.

5. Does it have a live chat room during the trading day? This is important because it allows you to see how many other people are in the trading chat room and that are making money with the service. You should have the ability to private chat with other members and to get their opinion of the stock trading site.

6. Is the live chat room ran on versatile enough software so that you can access it from home, work, smartphone, tablet, and so on? If you want to be in a live day trading chat room while at work, you need to make sure that the software running the chat room can be accessed through your company’s firewall without throwing off any red flags. If you are out and about, you want to make sure that you can access the live chat room via your smartphone or mobile device without having to be changed to your desktop computer all day long.

7. Do you get stock alerts in a timely manner? The best stock trading website has to use technology that delivers stock alerts to you instantly. Gone are the days when email was sufficient. Email is just too slow and too many things can go wrong with email alerts like accidentally getting placed in your Spam or Junk email folders. An email usually has to hop between 5 or more mail servers before reaching you. If one of these mail servers is down or backed up, it can take 10 minutes or more for an email to reach you. This is unacceptable. Time is money in trading. This is your financial future and so you need the best delivery system available. That system is SMS alerts also known as text alerts delivered to your smartphone. A text alert system allows you to receive stock alerts in seconds from when the alerts were sent out. Text alerts are hundreds of times faster than traditional email.

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Folks, I have found the best stock trading site on the web that meets all the above criteria and more. Click HERE to learn more about JB’s stock alert service! He’s on a hot streak right now! Don’t you want to be on one too?

Folks, I have found the best stock trading site on the web that meets all the above criteria and more. Click HERE to learn more about JB’s stock alert service! He’s on a hot streak right now! Don’t you want to be on one too?