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Best Stock Picking Websites

Stock picking is the next level you will advance to after you learn how to trade stocks. There are a lot of stock picking websites that are dedicated to screening and talking about stocks. Here are the best stock picking websites. Please don’t email me and ask to be added to this list. These are my personal favorite stock picking websites and as such, I sadly cannot accept submissions for inclusion.

Google Financeopens in a new window – Google Finance might not look as flashy as some of the other websites listed here but looks can be deceiving. Google Finance is a powerful market intelligence tool that has a “Trends” section where you can see what stocks other traders are following. I have found many awesome stock picks by using the “Trends”, “Popular” section of Google Finance before a major news story broke.

Yahoo Financeopens in a new window – Yahoo Finance is still one of the best stock picking websites in my opinion. Even after so many years, Yahoo Finance continues to dominate the financial media websites because they are a blend of mainstream financial media sites but also some large alternative financial media sites. My favorite aspect of Yahoo Finance is using their stock picking service research tools to look up the “profile” of a particular stock.

MarketWatchopens in a new window – A mainstream financial media website owned by the Wall Street Journal. In July of 2013, the website SmartMoney was merged into MarketWatch. Lots of institutional traders, money managers, and hedge funds give you their stock picks. Very nice website layout with lots of information on their home page. I like using this website for stock picking but also for breaking news headlines.

Finvizopens in a new window – Finviz stands for “financial visualization”. It has awesome stock picking tools like a stock screener that screens on both fundamental and technical (chart) criteria. This is the best stock picking website for swing traders if you already know the criteria to input into the screener. If you don’t, I did a lesson on Finviz hereopens in a new window where I show you how to use their free stock picking software.

Investors.comopens in a new window – This is the Investors Business Daily website with lots of in-depth articles to help you with your stock picking. There are also lots of good articles about the overall trends of the major indices that I find helpful. In swing trading, it helps to monitor when a stock has a high short interest as a percentage of float. Sometimes a company that is the target of short sellers will fight back by publishing an article over which can create a temporary short squeeze and profits for us on a swing long trade. Remember, is one of the largest stock picking websites on the Internet which means a lot of traders and investors read the articles posted on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stock Picking

What is the best stock picking software?

The best stock picking software is Finviz and Chartmill. These powerful technical and fundamental screeners are awesome. Some of the best traders on Wall Street recommend Chartmill and Finviz. I did a lesson on Finviz here. I did a lesson on Chartmill here.

What is the best stock picking strategy?

The best stock picking strategy is to buy small cap stocks with a market cap between $300 million and $2 billion, with a beta of 1 or greater, a price of under $10, a debt/equity ratio of less than 0.1, trades over 500K shares per day, has a high short interest days to cover metric, and that is oversold and just formed a candle over candle reversal.