Stock Screener For Pocket Pivots and Positive Divergences

I created a stock screener you can use to find pocket pivots and positive divergences between large players volume and stock price.

The goal of this stock screener is to get ahead of big moves in stocks by finding ones that are chopping out or trading sideways while the large players volume and Twiggs Money Flow are rising at the same time.

I created this stock screener for you guys. To access this stock screener, sign up to Chartmill here, then go to Shared Screens and scroll down until you find “GST Positive Divergence”:

Stock Screener For Pocket Pivots

In the video lesson below, I talk more about the “GST Positive Divergence” stock screener and then I show you the charts it outputs and what we are really looking for.


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Author: Lance Jepsen

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