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Welcome To My Day Trading Chat Room

In this lesson on day trading, you will learn what the best stock screener for day trading is. You will also see how over 5,000 day traders find the best day trading stock picks using an intraday stock screener.

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If you want to learn to day trade for a living, Jason Bond Picks has a live day trading chat room that share’s Jason Bond’s computer screen to everyone in the chat room. There are more than 5,000 traders currently using Jason Bond Picks service.

The day trader chat room has the best stock screener for day trading that you will find anywhere. The reason is that it’s actually several different screeners that are set to find day trading stock picks.

Stock Screener Day Trading

An individual intraday stock screener might be replaced by another one depending on how well it is turning out day trading stock picks in the chat room.

From what I’ve been able to determine, Jason Bond is running stock screens while his trading screen is broadcast to the room. The stock screeners I think he uses are below.

Strategy / Momentum Screener = In momentum stock trading, traders look for stocks that are moving fast in one direction on high volume. Momentum traders may hold their positions for a few minutes up to a few hours. In Jason Bond Picks day trading chat room, they find momentum stock picks by setting a screener to show stocks that are making a high of day on 3x or more the average daily volume.

Biggest Pullback Screener = This momentum stock screen finds the stocks that had the biggest pullback from the previous trading day. The idea is to go for a quick scalp play on an oversold bounce.

Biggest Bounce Screener = This finds momentum stock picks that had the biggest upward move from the previous day. This is the opposite of the Biggest Pullback Screener and the idea is to go for a quick scalp play on the short side to take advantage of overbought profit taking.

Reporting Earnings Screener = This momentum stock screener finds companies that are reporting earnings that day. This is a great way to day trade earnings announcements. The biggest movers in the market, on most days, come from earnings surprises.

Hot Penny Stock Screener = Used in the penny stock chat room to find OTC stocks that are possibly being front loaded before they are pumped by penny stock newsletters. The penny stock screener settings are for 5x the average daily volume or more. If you see one at 100x the daily volume then you know something is going on. It’s not uncommon for an penny stock newsletter pick to hit 130x the daily volume, a day before it releases the stock pick to their newsletter readers.

Up Days Screener = This intraday stock screener shows the number of up days a stock has had in a row. Nothing goes straight up forever so you can use this day trading and swing trading screener to look for short opportunities.

Down Days Screener = Momentum stock screens based on days in a row are risky but can be very rewarding for the day trader. This momentum stock trading screener scans for number of down days a stock has had in a row. Nothing goes straight down forever so you can use this screener to look for long plays.

Down and Reporting Earnings Today Screener = This is one of my favorite screens in the day trading chat room. This day trading screener finds companies that are reporting earnings that day, whose share price is down.

Unusual Stock Twits Volume Screener = Stock Twits is an instant message service like Twitter. This screener monitors unusual volume of messages about a stock over Stock Twits.

Here is a sample of what the Jason Bond chat room looks like:

You can learn more about trading with Jason Bond here and you can sign up for his free webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Day Trading

What day trading strategy works?

There are many day trading strategies that work but they all need to have liquidity and volatility. You should also be using candlestick charts.

I posted the best day trading strategies in the article above; however, there are many more. It’s helpful to see what day trading strategy is working for other traders. Below are several videos of day trading strategies that I did not cover in the article above.

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What does day trading mean?

Day trading means buying and selling a stock within the same day, usually within minutes to hours, in an attempt to profit off of intra-day trends and intra-day swings.

HowToDayTradeOnline posted the video below called What Is A Day Trader? Beginner Video on Day Trading.

What are day trading strategies?

The most common day trading strategies are pivots, fading, momentum, and scalping. Each of these common day trading strategies are explained in the article above and are talked about in the videos below.

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What is day trading buying power?

Day trading buying power is the cash requirements your broker is required to maintain by SEC Rule 2520 which was established in 2001. This rule allows for buying power up to four times margin maintenance in a daytrader’s margin account. The rule also requires a pattern day trader to maintain a minimum account equity of $25,000.

What is a pattern day trading account?

A pattern day trading account is a status of trading account created in 2001 by SEC Rule 2520 that requires day traders to have a minimum of $25,000 in their accounts.

If you make four or more day trades in a rolling five-trading-day period, you will be considered a pattern day trader under these rules.

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What is day trading margin?

As a pattern day trader, you’ll be granted day trading purchasing power up to four times your NYSE margin excess.

What is fading a stock?

Fading is a contrarian strategy used to trade against the trend. It can be used for both day trading and swing trading. An example of fading includes buying on a drop in price and selling when the price rallies. It’s a risky strategy, but one which offers the potential for significant short-term gains.

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What is momentum stock trading?

Momentum stock trading is based on the idea that the impetus gained by a moving object will continue in that direction for a period of time. Momentum traders attempt to capture a small portion of that move for profits.

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