Lexaria Bioscience $LEXX Up 19% On Clinical Study Results

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LEXX stock traded up 19% in morning trade on December 8, 2021, after the company released positive clinical study data.

Lexaria’s DehydraTECHTM-CBD Reduces Arterial Stiffness, Results Confirmed in Human Clinical Study HYPER-H21-2

KELOWNA, BC / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2021 / Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ:LEXX)(NASDAQ:LEXXW) (the “Company” or “Lexaria”), a global innovator in drug delivery platforms is pleased to issue follow-up results from human clinical study HYPER-H21-2 confirming that DehydraTECHTM-processed cannabidiol (“CBD”) reduces arterial stiffness, potentially broadening its application to treatment of cardiovascular and other disease states beyond hypertension where it has already shown tremendous promise.

“Reducing arterial stiffness in Lexaria’s recent hypertension study after only a single day of dosing with our DehydraTECH-CBD is a major discovery,” said John Docherty, President of Lexaria. “We know that increased arterial stiffness is correlated with many serious and life-threatening diseases affecting people worldwide, and we are optimistic that our latest findings could have future widespread implications for promotion of improved human health and wellness.”

Arterial stiffness is a strong predictor of many aspects of human disease. The impacts of increased arterial stiffness are not limited only to coronary heart disease such as hypertension, but also include other disease states such as diabetes mellitus, renal disease and more. It can also be a prognostic marker for cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality, even in asymptomatic individuals without overt cardiovascular disease.

The efficacy of blood pressure treatment and differences in efficacy between different types of antihypertensive agents is strongly correlated with measuring arterial stiffness, whereby the significant blood pressure reduction effects as previously reported with DehydraTECH-CBD from study HYPER-H21-2 appear to have been at least partially due to these improvements in arterial stiffness.

To have decreased arterial stiffness to the degree demonstrated in our present study after only a single day of dosing with DehydraTECH-CBD is quite remarkable and will be more thoroughly investigated in Lexaria’s upcoming 6-week hypertension study HYPER-H21-4, where multiple doses over this period are expected to demonstrate additional benefits against hypertension and arterial stiffness.

DehydraTECH-CBD is a unique CBD formulation Lexaria has developed and is optimizing based on its patented and proprietary DehydraTECH drug delivery technology. DehydraTECH is designed to improve the way active molecules enter the bloodstream upon oral ingestion. DehydraTECH has also demonstrated enhanced delivery of certain active molecules including CBD into brain tissue, which Lexaria believes to be of particular importance for the effectiveness of its DehydraTECH-CBD specifically against hypertension because of the significant influence of central mediation upon blood pressure.

LEXX Stock Technical Analysis

Lexx Stock

The short term trend is negative, as is the long term trend. There should be more interesting stocks out there. LEXX is currently trading near the lower end of its 52 week range, which is not a good sign. Certainly not because the S&P500 Index is trading near new 52 week highs at the moment. The technical rating of LEXX is bad and it also does not present a quality setup at the moment. Price movement has been a little bit too volatile to find a nice entry and exit point. It is probably a good idea to wait for a consolidation first. Click here to sign up for email alerts on when LEXX stock is a good entry.

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