The corporate media is pushing hard the narrative that President Trump is unstable and has the mental capacity of a “child”. Fake news reports are streaming in from CNBC, NBC, MarketWatch, and of course the usual perverse CNN. Google is putting all these news stories at the top of their News search I guess to make them seem more real. The narrative is that Trump is flip-flopping on China and changing his mind about tariffs against the communist country. It’s all fake.

If the media were such anti-flip flopping proponents, why do they publish nothing about the colossal flip-flop of Anthony Scaramucci who was fired after only 10 days on the job?

While Scaramucci is pushing the Democrat mainstream media narrative that Trump is mentally unstable, unpopular French leader Macron surprised Trump by inviting Iran to the G7!

How would Macron feel if Trump invited Russia to the G7 by surprise? What if Trump invited Israel to the G7 meeting by surprise?

Macron and France demonstrated a huge amount of disrespect toward’s the U.S. by inviting Iran Foreign Minister Zarif to the G7 and not giving the Trump Administration anytime to prepare. Macron also diminished the exclusivity of the G7 club.

Once again we see globalists like Macron and Angela Merkel disrespecting President Trump at the G7 meeting. President Trump made it clear what the terms of negotiations with Iran would be. This move by Macron at the G7 undermines that position.

Where is the U.S. media defending our President and what just happened at the G7? These Democrat controlled globalist media groups will not defend the President of the United States. Instead, they are probably secretly hoping the President will storm out of the G7 so that they can advance their Trump is “mentally unstable like a child” narrative.

Despite Macron and Merkel’s shenanigans, new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also a nationalist. Rumors are flying that President Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson are working on a major direct trade deal agreement now between the two countries.

The G7 globalists knew that the nationalists President Trump and PM Johnson would be discussing a major trade deal at the G7 and so they played the disrespectful Iran card. Who is acting like a child now? President Trump is there to work better trade deals for the United States and its citizens and so it appears he’s just ignoring the Iran stunt but we should find out what he has to say about it shortly on Twitter.

The G7 Meeting In the Corporate Globalist News