Making use of labor market informationMaking use of labor market information is always a challenge for traders and this month’s May jobs report is no exception. Colin Twiggs says traders shouldn’t read too much into the weaker 138,000 print for May 2017 (link above).

Making Use of Labor Market Information

Colin Twiggs is an expert at making use of labor market information to forecast future market direction. Colin Twiggs is author of the weekly Trading Diary newsletter, with more than 140,000 subscribers. His specialty is blending fundamental analysis of the economy with technical analysis of stocks, markets, commodities and currencies. Colin Twiggs is also know for his Twiggs Money Flow indicator.

Colin thinks that the drop in job gains is more indicative of a tight labor market than it is in a slowing US economy and notes that respondents in the ISM report from the sectors machinery, fabricated metal products, food and beverage, and tobacco products all made statements about how business is booming but that it’s hard to find employees.


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