With just 6 days left until the Presidential election, the mainstream media continues to suppress news on Joe Biden’s connection to China and the selling of his office as Vice President to the highest bidder.

There is a total media blackout on the Joe and Hunter Biden corruption scandal and the latest information that shows Joe Biden is as dirty as they come.

Big tech companies have given the most to Joe Biden and Democrats and so they are trying to suppress the story as well. Here is what a news search on the term Joe Biden shows in Google:

Reporters are not even asking Joe Biden about this blatant corruption. In fact, Joe Biden is saying Tony Bobulinski is part of a Russian conspiracy to peddle disinformation to influence the 2020 Presidential election.

Greg Gutfeld weighs in on latest developments involving Hunter Biden’s business affairs on ‘The Five’. 

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSTQWOnZjS0


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