An understanding of Microeconomics and how it applies to real world business decisions and investing is a critical skill set for proper economic analysis. It is extremely important that stock traders understand how to read supply and demand curves and how they relate to ones specific investment, broader economy, and government regulation.

Dr. Peter Navarro, Professor, Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine, offers a course called The Power of Microeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World.

peter-navarro-uc-irvineDr. Peter Navarro received his PhD in economics from Harvard University in 1986 and has been a business professor at the University of California-Irvine since 1988. Dr. Navarro has co-authored with former White House economic adviser Glen Hubbard Seeds of Destruction: Why the Path to Economic Ruin Runs Through Washington, and How to Reclaim American Prosperity. In this nonpartisan book about the global macroeconomic environment, Hubbard and Navarro take on the most important problem of our age, a decade-long pattern in which the American economy has grown below its full potential, giving rise to fears about the nation’s future prosperity.

Dr. Navarro’s best-selling volumes include the ground-breaking management strategy books The Well-Timed Strategy and Always A Winner, the stock market investing classic If It’s Raining in Brazil, Buy Starbucks, and his provocative series on China, including The Coming China Wars and Death By China.

Professor Navarro is also a frequent media commentator. His articles have appeared in publications such as Business Week, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal; and he is frequently seen on CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, and the major network news shows.

Lance Jepsen has earned the The Power of Microeconomics: Economic Principles in the Real World certificate from Professor Navarro by scoring 87.5% on the Power of Microeconomics Final Exam and course.

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