Miley Cyrus as a young girl actor made her popularity by appealing to young Christian girls in the Disney series Hannah Montana (2006). As soon as she came of age, she abandoned God for fame. Miley Cyrus rushed for the spotlight and lost her religion in the process.

Miley Cyrus caused thousands of Christian girls to cry as they saw her abandon her religion for fame.

Miley Cyrus did everything she could to get Hillary Clinton elected as President. Miley Cyrus, along with other Hollywood ego-maniac types, came out in full-throat support of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton paraded these Hollywood types at her events and thought she could persuade Americans to vote for her because of the likes of Miley Cyrus.

Here is Miley Cyrus crying because Hillary Clinton lost the election:

The next day, Miley Cyrus posted this pick on Instagram saying she was done crying about Trump (look closely at her eyes):


Miley Cyrus talks about having love in her heart and for others, but can’t see the incredible love that was manifested by Americans in electing Trump as President. One could say that Trump’s campaign was all about love, that is love of country and love of Americans. Trump demonstrated that love by running for office. He’s a billionaire. He didn’t have to go through the public nightmare of running for President and having the mainstream media slander and spin his positions into hate filled rhetoric. Trump loves this country enough, loves Americans enough, to step out of his billionaire shell and run for public office. Most people run for office as a step up, to acquire power and wealth. Trump already had these things and so running for office was probably a step down for him in terms of acquiring wealth.

Miley Cyrus lacks the love of God in her life, and so she’s attempting to compensate that missing love. People love replaces God love in her life. That in part is why she is crying and so devastated about Hillary Clinton losing. Hillary Clinton has in some ways become her God.

Look closely at Miley Cyrus’ eyes in the Instagram image above. Notice how her pupils are dilated. Miley Cyrus is on some stimulant drug in this photo. Notice the rapid bipolar behavioral swing from crying one day, to being gleefully happy the next, often another side-effect of drug use.

The National Enquirer broke the story several years ago about Miley Cyrus’ drug use:


Miley Cyrus needs to get her own life under control before trying to control everyone else’s by stepping into politics. Politics is much too rough for someone in Cyrus’ condition.

Someone in the Cyrus family needs to do an intervention before this beautiful young lady spirals out of control.

I hope, no I pray, that one day, Miley Cyrus finds her way back to God before it’s too late.