MRNA stock is churning after the NIH said its close to a phase 1 trial of a coronavirus vaccine.

National Institutes of Health director Anthony Fauci says there have been “no glitches” so far in novel coronavirus vaccine development with Moderna (MRNA), CNBC’s Meg Tirrell reports via Twitter. If that continues, Fauci projects starting a Phase 1 trial in people within 2.5 months, Tirrell added.

What China Doesn’t Want Anyone To Know About Coronavirus

Exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui recently revealed leaks from Wuhan crematoriums. He claims based on the number of bodies their furnaces are burning, the death toll could be as high as 50,000. He also claims to have inside information that there are 1.5 million confirmed coronavirus cases in China. Wengui is emphatic that these are not merely quarantined or “under observation” but confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. Source:

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