MTTR Stock Bullish Option Flow Detected

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Guerilla Stock Trading detected bullish option flow in MTTR stock on September 10, 2021.

Mttr Stock Option Flow

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Matterport price target raised to $20 from $18 at Piper Sandler

On September 10, 2021, Piper Sandler analyst Brent Bracelin raised the firm’s price target on Matterport to $20 from $18 and kept an Overweight rating on the shares after meeting with management. Matterport has ambitions to accelerate growth by capitalizing on a first-mover advantage with plans to digitize the built world via digital twins, expand internationally and leverage new partnerships, Bracelin tells investors in a research note. As part of a “compelling” long-term vision and with $600M in cash, the company has the resources and appetite to invest in the opportunity, says the analyst.

Cushman & Wakefield Japan Offers 3D Virtual Property Tours

On September 8, 2021, Cushman & Wakefield Japan has introduced Matterport’s 3D virtualization tool to provide first-class property assessment and enhanced property marketing services. The use of this virtualization tool transpired from a global agreement that Cushman & Wakefield signed with Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR) last year, which enabled the company to offer clients a turnkey solution to scan commercial properties in 3D across its footprint.

Matterport’s AI-driven visualization technology scans an existing space and reproduces it in digital form. This “digital twin” is a versatile asset within the commercial real estate industry, including providing virtual tours of properties with detailed floor plans and a “dollhouse view,” which provides prospective buyers and tenants with a dimensionally accurate and immersive view into a space. According to Matterport, 3D virtual tours increase audience engagement by over 300% compared to 2D imagery. The technology helps make better-informed decisions by providing a multi-dimensional view of the venue, enabling more effective property inspection and marketing of assets.

Cushman & Wakefield’s Leasing Management Services in Japan offers the Matterport 3D virtual experience across all its retained properties. Using Matterport, the Project Management team can help clients monitor the progress of their projects and access the digital twin online from anywhere and at any time, regardless of property or audience location. Matterport is a true virtual solution that enables Cushman & Wakefield to provide property inspections that keep clients and professionals safe during this unprecedented pandemic, eliminating the need to be present in the space physically. Because of this, Cushman & Wakefield can also deliver additional benefits to clients, such as reduced travel and fewer visits to a property, producing overall time and cost savings that will remain relevant beyond the pandemic.

Howard Xiao, Japan Country Manager at Matterport, commented: “Japan’s commercial real estate sector is one of the most competitive, so firms must constantly differentiate to win clients. Matterport’s technology enables agents to achieve an edge through authentic, immersive, and navigable 3D experiences. By leveraging Matterport’s powerful technology and insights, Cushman & Wakefield is positioning itself at the forefront of the sector’s ongoing transformation, harnessing technology to drive deeper engagement, analysis, and understanding of listings. Increasingly, clients are turning to Matterport to capture their real estate portfolios due to the significant add-on benefits realized. We are delighted to be selected by Cushman & Wakefield Japan for all of their Leasing Management mandates.”

Keiji Kato, Senior Director, Head of Leasing Advisory Group, Japan, Cushman & Wakefield, said, “We were first acquainted with the Matterport platform when we were exploring the best way of introducing properties for rent during the pandemic. Matterport allows us to conduct high-quality virtual tours for our clients with its ability to produce a highly photorealistic digital replica of the actual physical space. We have now introduced this service across all the properties that we lease and manage, and it has proven to be very effective in differentiating us from our competition. We believe that virtual tours will remain necessary even after the pandemic, and we will continue to use this platform as one of our key property marketing tools.”

Cushman & Wakefield identifies and collaborates with strategic partners to deliver innovative tools that generate deep insights and create value for our clients. It also has strategic partnerships across its global platform with a variety of innovative property technology organizations.

Matterport’s Pro2 3D Camera is Now Available on Amazon in Europe

On September 07, 2021, Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, announced the expanded availability of its industry-leading Matterport Pro2 3D Camera on six Amazon marketplaces. In addition to the US and Canada, the Pro2 is now available in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and France. By expanding across Europe, Matterport provides greater access for its customers to purchase the company’s industry-leading 3D capture technology so that they can realize the benefits of the Matterport spatial data platform and the power of digital twins.

“Making the Pro2 camera available on Amazon in more countries puts Matterport front and center where millions of shopping journeys begin for consumers and professionals,” said Jay Remley, Chief Revenue Officer at Matterport. “Amazon’s ubiquitous 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime bring industry-leading convenience and customer service to Pro2 shoppers, paving the way for new customers to get started with Matterport easier than ever before,” he added.

By leveraging Amazon’s reach and fulfillment capabilities, Matterport will offer fast shipping and easy returns for Matterport Pro 2 camera, accessory bundles, and more. Additionally, customers can continue to purchase the Pro2 camera directly on the company’s website at through Matterport’s specialized online retail partners, and from our 36 value-added resellers around the world.

The Matterport Pro2 camera lets anyone create an immersive digital twin of any space of any size and complexity in the built world – from homes to high-rises to hotels and historical landmarks around the world. The only camera of its kind, the Pro2 captures both 3D data points and 4K HDR image quality to deliver exceptional dimensional accuracy in a stunning, life-like immersive digital experience. Matterport digital twins deliver immediate results for customers – homes sell faster, and for higher prices, online engagement with property listings increase more than threefold, hotels and vacation rentals book faster and more often, and property managers can manage building operations and construction projects with a more scalable and cost-effective remote-first approach.

Superyacht Creative Selects Matterport For Luxury Superyacht Industry and Drive Faster Sales

On September 2, 2021, Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, was adopted by creative agency Superyacht Creative to create Matterport 3D experiences for the luxury superyacht industry, delivering photorealistic, full-scale digital replicas of the high-end vessels across design, construction and completion. Superyacht Creative supplies Matterport to superyacht builders and owners, who are selling vessels faster as a result.

“As the traditionally offline superyacht industry pivots to digital offerings, Matterport is emerging as a preferred solution to document and showcase superyachts,” said Richard Taranto, Creative Director at Superyacht Creative. “It has also proven a valuable sales tool, driving buyers to more quickly close purchases. Clients love having an as-built plan of record that they can share remotely, and successful superyacht companies will be those who leverage this highly photorealistic, innovative, and easy-to-use technology. The upsides for the luxury superyacht industry are considerable,” he added.

Experience a digital twin produced by Superyacht Creative here:

Using Matterport, Superyacht Creative’s high-end luxury superyacht clients have increased their visibility and sales opportunities, with one superyacht builder shifting its entire inventory amid a surge in demand for superyachts, which Matterport digital twins enabled buyers to view more easily. As the market ticks up, Superyacht Creative’s clients use Matterport to identify and meet the surging demand of fast-paced prospective buyers more quickly, with greater numbers committing to purchase or charter during a first in-person visit. This has improved operational efficiencies related to sanitization regulations for Superyacht Creative’s clients. Additionally, Superyacht Creative’s clients have discovered downstream value, including using Matterport for insurance documentation and digitizing other assets.

Superyacht Creative uses Matterport to provide clients with more engaging experiences for prospective buyers, who are increasingly looking for digital solutions to streamline the process. Through Matterport highlight reels, viewers can build a full contextual understanding of a superyacht, visualizing the layout and flow of the vessel and how the spaces fit together, as well as fit, finish and materials, and access precise dimensions better understand comfort and occupancy. The bespoke nature of the solution provides an advanced level of luxury and authenticity that has accelerated buying decisions.

By including Matterport 3D digital twins as part of a more holistic promotional offering, Superyacht Creative enables clients to market their vessels better and gain a competitive edge. For example, Superyacht Creative recently created a virtual boat show for one of its clients, which subsequently sold all its stock, as virtual walkthroughs enable buyers to see the space as if they were on board.

“Increasingly, Matterport is sought after not only in real estate but also in the greater built world, including yachting, as a way to increase sales, reduce time to market, and increase operational efficiency,” said JD Fay, Matterport Chief Financial Officer. “With Matterport 3D digital twins, our superyacht clients can assimilate a complete experience in a way that photos simply cannot. Matterport enables Superyacht Creative to deliver a full production package, and leveraging Matterport to help their clients promote assets differentiating them from others in the market.”

MTTR Stock Technical Analysis

MTTR stock is not a good setup at the moment as the stock has already run-up. However, large players volume looks awesome as big players are accumulating the stock.

Mttr Stock Chart

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