The TikTok deal, no one really knows what it means at the moment. Barry Dillar says, “The whole thing is a croc. I mean it starts obviously simply to say we want to protect the security of Americans from anything that could happen… it is now morphed into this kind of ludicrous match between tossing ownership here, control there. It’s original aims are out the window… I think once you start tossing this grenade about protectionism and once you start saying turning these things into political questions, the reciprocal out of that is going to be just as bad. Once you start it, it’s inevitable that the race just keeps going up and up and up and it prevents natural commerce.”

“The whole thing is a crock,” says IAC and Expedia Chairman Barry Diller the TikTok-Oracle partnership. “It’s no deal so I don’t know if it means much of anything at the moment.”


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