Can I Just Say It, Autonomous Driving Is Stupid To Average Consumers


Autonomous driving is dumb. In my surveys of asking family members and friends, there’s a whole ZERO percent interest in autonomous self-driving cars. Most Americans don’t even want a chip on a credit card let alone a car that drives itself. Technology companies think they are smarter than consumers. Tech companies believe that once they […]

Biotechnology Won Big On Election Night Here’s Why


Hillary Clinton and Democrats promised to wage war on pharmaceutical companies and do things like price controls on drugs and products of the biotechnology industry. In California, there was a ballot measure to impose price controls on the sale of pharmaceutical drugs in the state. Both Hillary Clinton’s probability of winning, and California’s ballot measure […]

Microeconomics of the Monopoly


Donald Trump said he would block the AT&T and Time Warner merger if he becomes president, arguing that such media combinations leave too much power concentrated among too few companies. What Trump is describing is monopolistic behavior. As Bloomberg writes… Trump also suggested he would favor a breakup of NBC and Comcast Corp., a merger […]

Trump Administration and Tariffs Versus Quotas


Protectionist policies in the form of tariffs and quotas are coming from a Trump Administration. It seems appropriate then that we examine tariffs and quotas from a macroeconomics perspective. The two most common ways of restricting trade are with tariffs and quotas. From a political point of view and to prevent a trade war, a […]

What The Trump Win Means For Multinational Corporations


I predict that a Trump win means down for the economy at first, then upward as the US consumer strengthens from domestic job growth. The down first move in the economy will come from inefficiencies caused by forcing multinational corporations to bring domestic production facilities back to the US or face steep tariffs. Several traders […]

Miley Cyrus Crying – Donald Trump Reaction


Miley Cyrus as a young girl actor made her popularity by appealing to young Christian girls in the Disney series Hannah Montana (2006). As soon as she came of age, she abandoned God for fame. Miley Cyrus rushed for the spotlight and lost her religion in the process. Miley Cyrus caused thousands of Christian girls […]

Henry Davis Reaction to the DONALD TRUMP WIN


Henry Davis says it all :) SOFI AI For Premium Members

Here Comes Supply-Side Economics and the Laffer Curve


Increases in government regulation, taxes, environmental regulations, and ObamaCare on businesses, shifted the aggregate supply (AS) curve inward and thus reduced aggregate demand (AD). With the explosion higher in the cost of doing business, businesses hired fewer workers. In fact, many small businesses reduced the size of their workforce in response to ObamaCare. Less hiring […]

How To Invest In The Coming Wave of VR



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