EU China Trade Fine of Qualcomm


The EU has taken the trade war in an entirely new direction. There is a good bet that EU China trade relations will improve after the EU fined Qualcomm $272 million. What’s the heinous crime that Qualcomm committed to deserve such a hefty fine from the EU? The EU has found Qualcomm guilty of “predatory […]

Microsoft Wins $2 Billion Contract From AT&T


AT&T will use Microsoft’s Azure cloud service for its computing needs and provide Office 365 software to much of its 268,000 employees. The Microsoft contract from AT&T is estimated to be worth $2 billion. This deal with AT&T means that Microsoft technology will be deployed alongside AT&T’s coming 5G network. The deal is a major […]

Cass Freight Index Weakest Pace Since 2008


The Cass Freight Index is having its weakest year since 2008 and the Great Recession. This is an abnormal decline in shipment activity to say the least! The year-to-date change is -5.4% below the seasonal average trend which is the weakest pace since 2008 when the economy was falling into a recession. The difference between […]

Wind Power For Homes Gets Boost From AEP


American Electric Power (AEP) is bring wind power for homes to Arkansas , Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. The company announced that Public Service Co. of Oklahoma (PSO) and Southwestern Electric Power Co. (SWEPCO) companies are seeking regulatory approvals to purchase three wind projects, totaling 1,485 megawatts (MW), that are currently under development in Oklahoma. The […]

Sell ADMP For a 2.1% Gain


Sell ADMP for a 2.1% win. There’s not enough buying in the stock after the Symjepi news.

Rare Earth Prices Panic Pentagon


Rare earth prices have been moving higher and could explode higher over the next few months depending on what happens in the trade war with China. I’m hearing rumors circulating that the Pentagon is planning to use its black budget to finance the development of rare earth metals production in the United States. The rumor […]

Amazon and Microsoft to Compete for Biggest Pentagon Contract EVER!


Oracle lost its court challenge on Friday, July 12, 2019 which means the Department of Defense will choose between Amazon and Microsoft for the $10 billion contract called JEDI (joint enterprise defense infrastructure). The JEDI contract is meant to bring the military into the modern era of cloud computing. The Pentagon plans to award the […]

Saturday Stock Market Show For Week of July 15 2019



Dollar General Strategy Shift


Dollar General is expanding into home furnishings, kitchenware and party supplies. Over the past year, Dollar General has quietly been adding pillows, home decorations, gift bags and wrapping paper to more than 1,000 stores. Most of the stuff costs $5 or less. Dollar General is also adding produce sections, healthier snacks and a new private-label […]

Corruption and Why We Have a Student Loan Crisis


Both Democrats and Republicans joined today to vote on the most disgraceful bill ever. Folks, we have to inform our family members and friends what these disgusting politicians in the House are doing. The corporate mainstream media is hiding today’s corrupt vote in the House from the American people. 140 backstabbing Republicans voted for a […]