CRON stock chart

Buy to Cover CRON Short For 0.77 Percent Win


Pretty pathetic win but CRON is much too strong to hold onto IMO. If the stock is holding up this well, it’s not a stock I trust staying short. CRON Stock SOFI AI For Premium Members

GLNG stock

LNG Shipping Rates Hit All-time High



AMD stock chart with Bullish Engulfing candlestick

AMD Unveils World’s First 7nm GPUs and Amazon Partnership


It was a big day for AMD as the company unveiled the world’s first 7nm datacenter GPUs, powering the next era of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and High Performance Computing (HPC). Amazon and AMD also announced new AWS EC2 instances featuring AMD EPYC processors. “The availability of multiple AMD Epyc processor-powered instances on Amazon EC2 […]

RGSE stock chart with rising money flow.

Real Goods Solar Receives UL Certification


Real Goods Solar finally has received UL certification for their Powerhouse 3.0 Solar Shingle system. The POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 solar shingle is a photovoltaic (PV) tile that integrates with asphalt roofing shingles to create a strong, durable roof that delivers solar energy to the home. The solar roof tiles are designed and installed to look and […]

Russell 2000 stock chart

Staying In Cash As We Hit Midterm Elections


The Russell 2000 went sideways today and we still do not have the +DI line crossing above the -DI line: Continue to stay on the sidelines and in the safety of cash as we head into midterm elections tomorrow. Unfortunately we will probably have another day of choppy, directionless trading tomorrow as we wait for […]

Russell 2000 chart coming off of bottom

Psychologically, Get Ready To Go Long and Watch This


I want everybody to start getting psychologically prepared to go long stocks. I know it’s hard because of the drubbing the stock market took in October. You need to remember that everything that has taken place in October has so far been normal seasonality. October is the “trick or treat” month. We got a wicked […]

AVEO stock chart



This week is a bit more difficult to determine hard days where events are taking place. We have no publicly announced PDUFA events next week but do have some data releases that could come next week based on estimates. AVEO Stock TIVO-3, tivozanib for third line treatment of patients with renal cell cancer. Phase 3 […]

Stock Market Prediction Show For Trading Week of November 5 2018



Who Says Trade Wars Not Having a Negative Impact?


We now have proof that it’s not ALL about rising interest rates, a little has to do with Trade Wars. A great example of this is AXT (AXT). AXT reported September-quarter results that beat expectations on the top and bottom line but the stock price plunged -18% today. What happened is that AXT guided below […]

S&P 500 Shooting Star Candlestick


The S&P 500 has formed a Shooting Star pattern on the daily chart (black box on chart below). That does not instill a lot of confidence that the market is going to rip higher tomorrow. Still, the positive divergence on the Chaikin A/D Oscillator and MACD histogram bars signal that SPY could be near a […]