How To Profit From Trump’s Tweets


Some people just like to sit around and hate all the time. Don’t hate on Trump’s trolling tweets, instead, make money from them. Trump’s brawling New York style of Twitter trolling is really rubbing the world wrong, and that’s a big win for us. Trump’s tweets trolling China added to trade war tensions. Trump trolling Read More »

Heads up display of ballistic missile being tracked

Our World Blowing Up Trump Black Swan Play



News report that Clinton took $25 million from Ukraine.

Market Briefing Syria, Zuckerberg, Mueller April 10 2018


With earnings season coming up, today was a good time to take advantage of the recent pullback in order to front-run what could be a blockbuster earnings season. Earnings should be up more than 20% from the Trump tax cut, and that’s not counting any growth the underlying business may have in 2018. Here is Read More »

Semiconductors Are Cheap, Here Is a Way To Play It



S and P 500 intraday action on April 9, 2018, shows market going up for most of the day but then going down the last 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Mueller Sell Off On April 9 2018


The FBI has raided the offices of the President’s long time personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Mueller is investigating a $150,000 payment for a 20 minute video-conference call Trump did for the Ukraine steel billionaire Victor Pinchuk back in September of 2015, at a conference in Kiev. Mueller also seized records relating to Stormy Daniels in Read More »

Intraday chart of S and P 500 shows weak buy volume and heavier sell volume.

Intraday Volume Analysis On the S&P 500 On April 9 2018


The S&P 500 exploded higher today, or did it? Looking at the volume of the S&P 500 today, a very interesting picture emerges. Volume was very weak on the upward move. Logic would dictate that the market should have lots of buyers because it’s fallen so far over the last week. Those buyers did not Read More »

SPY chart and USD chart. SPY started going down when the US dollar started going sideways.

The One Chart That Controls The Future Of the Entire Global Economy


President Donald Trump gave a warning to stock traders. He has stated that in this trade war, there are moves being made which will have a negative impact on the stock market. He said that it’s not just about trade with China, it’s about trade with everyone. You are about to have inside information on Read More »

Lance Jepsen host of the Saturday Stock Market Prediction Show on YouTube with red dragon Chinese flag.

Stock Market Prediction Show For Week of April 9 2018


This week’s Saturday stock market prediction show focuses on China and the trade war, and how the mainstream financial media is really missing how serious this trade war could get. Transcription Hello my fellow stock trading masters, this is Lance Jepsen with Alright guys, so this is awesome because yesterday I pushed out a Read More »

UGLD gold chart with rising large players volume

UGLD Swing Long Play On Rising Large Players Volume


I took a swing long position today in the 3X long gold ETF UGLD. It is a bet that trade war tensions will continue to rise over the coming days and weeks. Gold is a risky investment. Gold is not responding as well as most would hope to the increased drama going on in the Read More »

Buy at 9.52, sell at 9.92

Scalp TVIX Winning Trade



China citizen standing in front of government tanks before being killed by them

China Pulls Out Of Negotiations, Threatens Retaliation


China pulls out of negotiations and promises to retaliate if President Trump puts on $100 billion more in tariffs. “Under these conditions, the two sides cannot conduct any negotiations,” Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said. Feng went on to say that China will “retaliate immediately, intensively, without any hesitation. We Chinese won’t pick Read More »

What if I told you the most successful investor was Noah. He floated stock, while everything around him went into liquidation

Trader Alert! Get Out Of Market, China Trade War To Hit Markets April 6 2018


On Thursday night, April 5, 2018, after markets closed, the news hit that President Trump has ordered an additional $100 billion in tariffs put on Chinese goods. Transcription Alright guys, this is a trader alert! You need to get out of the stock market. Unfortunately, we are long Amazon stock. We are going to have Read More »