Nancy Prial, co-CEO and senior portfolio manager at Essex Investment Management, identifies a few names that could capitalize on the changing economy in technology for job training and consumer products.

PluralSight (PS) is focused on virtual learning and skill assessments, particularly in the IT area. The company works with corporations to determine the skills that they need, and then they offer courses to meet those training needs.

E.L.F. Beauty could benefit from the increasing awareness that if you’re on a Zoom or video conferencing call where your face takes up most of the screen, you will want to make sure that you look good. The company is focused on diversity, equity, and collusion, and that resonates with millennial investors.

This company may benefit from both the push to diversify labor forces and to better serve minority communities, as well as retraining and up-skilling workers that need to catch up as the coronavirus pandemic has pushed us more towards a technology embracing society.


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