Big tech made some idiotic moves when they embraced the Democrat party and went after President Trump.

You recall how Google employees were captured on video by Project Veritas talking about how they manipulate public perception and hence voting behaviors in favor of Democrats.

When corporations get so big and powerful that they can influence our elections, it’s probably time to break them up. Sadly, CEOs at the top of these large corporations can’t act more responsibly. For example, big tech companies getting together to ban Alex Jones from all their platforms simultaneously and destroy his small business is a disgusting example of big tech that has become too big and powerful. There are ways to deal with people like Alex Jones in our court system without big tech using self-help methods that trample free speech.

President Trump continued his push to crackdown on big tech in a meeting with Republican state attorney generals last week.

The DOJ may decide to sue Google over anti-trust violations. Any potential DOJ action wouldn’t stop the states from potentially filing their anti-trust lawsuits.

Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick was named explicitly as a red flag.

There is also a separate ongoing issue of trying to rein in the tech industry’s liability protections. Attorney General William Barr said that companies have become emboldened by their sheer size. These social media platforms can abuse those positions of trust by deciding which voices they’re going to amplify and which voices they will kick off their platforms.

The Department of Justice proposed new legislation Wednesday to reform a key legal liability shield for the tech industry known as Section 230.


What’s crazy is that several big tech companies have formed sweet looking candle over candle reversals on the daily charts as seen below.

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