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Simon asked 2 months ago

Hey Lance,

Love your channel on youtube!

Would love to get your view and comments on CTXR.

It received a FDA's fast track designation for the Mino-Lok system.


The stock did really well today!


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Lance Jepsen answered 2 months ago

The problem with this stock is visibility. There are no analysts covering the company. Citius Pharmaceuticals did present at the Dawson James 2017 Small Cap Growth Stock conference back in June. You would think that at least a few analysts would have started coverage of the company if their Mino-Lok™ product was really that lucrative. Citius Pharmaceuticals recently did a uplisting to the Nasdaq and yet still no analyst coverage. There's a reason analysts are not giving love to this company. The company has to get over the visibility hump. Watch list the stock and track for analyst coverage. When analysts start initiating coverage, that will be the time to buy. Now may be too soon and you want to avoid a situation of having “dead-money” in the stock while you wait for it to pop IMO.

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