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bernard m rosenberg asked 1 week ago

I asked about VIAB a few weeks ago and agree with your answer. It has popped since, but so has the market. Is it a candidate for a SHORT, possibly? Of course ,if the market continues to tear ( i believe ,alot of the reason VIAB is up),not a good idea. Certainly, it has followed momentum with T,VZ,etc,but most analysts dont consider it the same caliber. Thanks,as always!

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Lance Jepsen Staff answered 1 week ago

I think what happened is that we amateur traders were focused on the decrease in subscribers on the domestic front. But professional large players were focused on the strong growth on the international front and also favorable currency exchange rates from the weak US dollar. I think it’s too strong to short. Check out the rising large players volume and Twiggs Money Flow on the chart below. I favor waiting for a consolidation and then reconsidering a long position as opposed to a short but that’s just IMO and so far I’ve been wrong about Viacom!

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