Corporate mainstream media is hyping Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic after it said that it will merge with public investment firm Social Capital Hedosophia. The transaction is expected to close later this year, creating a new, combined company known as Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc.

The corporate mainstream media says with glee that this new Branson company will bring space travel to the public.

Branson said, “By embarking on this new chapter, at this advanced point in Virgin Galactic’s development, we can open space to more investors and in doing so, open space to thousands of new astronauts.”

Just so that we’re clear on what’s happening here. Branson and team ran around raising money from their billionaire private money sources. They couldn’t rise enough because the idea is stupid. People are dying of diseases, corporate globalists have moved supply chains to communist countries that use slave labor thus gutting manufacturing jobs around the world, Democrats are trying to take down our borders so poor people from Mexico pour into our country and vote Democrat while attacking all white people, and there’s Branson and clowns trying to solve the problem of, uh, not enough new astronauts? Excuse me but I didn’t realize some rich guy could pay $250,000 to go up to the edge of space on Branson’s rocket and then turnaround and list himself as an astronaut on his resume.

The corporate globalist media is so fake. Where’s all the voices that feel this is a stupid idea? Branson gave money and support to Hillary Clinton so the Democrat controlled media silences all critical opinions.

I know. I’m a dumb monkey for not recognizing that Branson’s a visionary genius.

What Branson wants to do is raise money from dumb monkey’s like you and me because he couldn’t raise enough private money.

Corporate media groups like LA Times and CNBC are trying to sell us on Branson’s vision because Branson was a good boy and gave to the Democrat party and bashed President Trump.

The irony is not lost that the guy who calls the President an embarrassment, lays out his vision for what the world needs: more astronauts.

This dumb ape who doesn’t understand Branson’s brilliant cutting edge science, has a message for anyone who wants to use my money to shoulder all the risk to fund a pie-in-the-sky space tourism business…

Piss off Branson and go list on your UK exchange. We don’t need anymore turd exchange listings here in the U.S. please.

Breaking News! Brandon’s rocket scientists are working on commercial flights to Uranus:

Corporate Globalist News on Their Beloved Liberal Richard Branson