Scaramucci is one tough dude brought in as the axe to purge Obama leftovers from positions of power who are hell-bent on leaking information to the press in an attempt to discredit and derail the Trump agenda.

I called for a purging of Obama leftovers from deep-state positions months ago. President Trump acted really gullible IMO. I’m so tired of watching these amateur newbies like Trump who get elected to office and then are in some serotonin fantasy of everyone holding hands and singing kumbaya and just all getting along. It’s a stupid fantasy that I called out Trump on months ago.

Finally, President Trump seems to have learned the lesson through the school of hard knocks that he needs to purge the White House and all government offices of Obama leftovers that are trying their best to sabotage his agenda.

These Obama leftovers are some sick people with communist and socialist agendas. They have high levels of security clearance and can record telephone conversations and release those conversations to Democrat controlled mainstream media groups. They are waging a silent coup against the President using the full power of the deep-state.

The President brought in the axe Scaramucci who may even recommend the firing of Reince Priebus and any other Republican Establishment dude that’s not fully on-board with the President.

Scaramucci is carrying the full-anger of the President with him and that was put on display when he said he wanted to “kill” the leakers who are trying to sabotage the President’s America first agenda.

Scaramucci called in to CNN and really laid out what is going on with the leaks and how emotionally attached he is to solving the problem:

Sean Hannity of Fox News did this interview with Scaramucci a.k.a “the axe” and the purge that’s coming to the White House and government:

I don’t think traders and the stock market care too much about leaks. This is more of a national security issue than it is a stock market issue. We are seeing a delay of the President’s agenda as a result of saboteurs inside the deep-state which is likely resulting in the drop of the US dollar. However the market has mostly shrugged off Trump agenda delays believing that eventually the President will get control of the situation. I think that’s what Scaramucci represents for stock traders: President Trump regaining control of the situation.

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